October 2010

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Eugene Evans, Jr., 2943 Clay Street, Paducah, KY 42001, shares this photo of his grandparents, Polly Gobel Daniel Evans (3/15/1900-5/4/1977) and Onis Evans (12/23/1897-6/23/1964; his uncle (left), James Robert (3/23/1919-4/18/1978); and his father (right), Eugene Evans (born 3/18/1922). The photo was taken ca. 1925 in Owensboro, Daviess County, or Fordsville, Ohio County, Kentucky.

Terri Kelley, 1002 Red Maple Ridge Court, Ashland, KY 41102; [email protected], shares this photo of Robert Lee Kelley (position not given) with his friend (name unknown) at a Van Lear coal mine ca. 1920 in Johnson County, Kentucky.

Kenneth L. Crider, 4930 Jonathan Drive, Horn Lake, MS 38637, shares this photo taken during the summer of 1929 on John's Creek at the foot of Maynards Fork in Pike County, Kentucky. Kenneth's grandparents, Thomas Elliot and Dixie Nichols Lowe, were standing in front of their home with their children, l-r: Beatrice, Billy, and Nell Ruth (Kenneth's mother). Nell was about two years old when this photo was taken. She is now 84. Kenneth is pleased to have the opportunity to showcase some important people in his life, and he is proud of his Kentucky roots. Readers are invited to share old scenes, such as this one, with The Kentucky Explorer.

Terri Kelly, 1002 Red Maple Ridge Court, Ashland, KY 41102, shares this photo of the Weeksbury Baseball Team. This team was from Floyd County, Kentucky. The only person in the photo identified is Sherley Kelley. He is shown at left in the back row. The photo was taken sometime between 1930 and 1952. Sherley died in 1953.

Pam Mathis Pendergrass, P. O. Box 327, Pfafftown, NC 27040, [email protected]; and Kathy Mathis Hill, P. O. Box 531, East Bend, NC 27018, [email protected], shares this photo given to them by Leva Meredith Milliner of the Big 7 Store located in Leitchfield, Grayson County, Kentucky, ca. 1929. Leva states that some of her Cannon family owned the store at one time. The people in the photo are not identified. If anyone has any information about this photo or the store, feel free to contact Pam and Kathy.

James Stewart of Gratz, Owen County, Kentucky, spent 65 years as a commercial fisherman on the Kentucky River. He started fishing the river at eight years of age. His backyard and garden ran to the water's edge. A commercial fishing license then cost $15 a year. The fisherman was allowed two trot lines of 50 hooks each. Nets cost $2.50 each, but James made 13 of his own. He fished four miles on the river, checking his lines and nets twice a day. He used about nine barrels of gas during a year through a 25 HP motor. He made his own white pine flatbottom boats. He caught white perch, catfish, and buffalo, and marketed them in Cincinnati and Louisville. He caught about 7,000 to 8,000 pounds a year. It was a hard life but Stewart reared four children in the little community of Gratz. His constant companion on his trips was his dog. He would let her out on the bank to hunt and pick her up on the way back home. When the Kentucky River would overflow her banks and run into the fields, Stewart and his brother would go into the shallow water in the flatbottom boat and harvest catfish with a pitchfork. Lee Ebner, 703 Orchard Hill Drive, Louisville, KY 40214, shares this photo (date not given) and information with our readers.

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