Reader Queries

Each month, The Kentucky Explorer magazine receives literally scores of letters from our faithful readers. Among those letters we often find queries, ranging from requests for words to songs and poems to trying to locate former classmates and military buddies of long ago.

Here are a few queries from

May 2010

Wants Start Of Poke Sallet
Dear Editor:
I read on page 51 of the March 2010 issue of The Kentucky Explorer about poke sallet. I would like to get a start of the greens.
I have eaten the greens and stalk prepared by an Arkansas friend. She prepared it in bacon grease, and when it was ready to eat she added eggs and stirred until they cooked.
I told my friend that everyone should have a patch of poke because it is so good and healthful.
May God bless each and every one who prepares the magazine.
I took some back issues to a cancer clinic and saw several people reading them.
Donna J. Woodcock
3271 E. 544 S.
Gas City, IN 46933

Article Wanted On
Charles William Pennington

Dear Editor:
Some time ago a story written by Daisy Pennington was published in The Kentucky Explorer. It was a story about Charles William Pennington of Harlan County, Kentucky. Someone was nice enough to send me a copy of this story; however, the sad part is that in 2004 my house burnt. I lost all of my genealogy documents, books, and pictures.
I have for the past six years been searching for someone who has a copy of this story.
If any reader can help, please contact me.
Tammy Quick
11280 E. 700 S.
Upland, IN 46989
[email protected]

Recipes Wanted
Dear Editor:
I am looking for a recipe for old-fashioned head cheese or pickled souse meat.
Feel free to contact me with any and all recipes.
Joan M. Hutchins
P. O. Box 585
Lebanon Junction, KY 40150