March 2010

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This is a delightful photo of the Francis family of Floyd County, Kentucky. L-R: Winchester; Truley; Bill, Jr.; Nello; Chilestino; and Sylvester (sitting in the chair). The Francis family are a big part of Garrett's history. Thanks to Winchester Francis of Garrett for sharing this photo. This is just one of many photos from the Garrett Historical Society. Anyone interested in becoming a member or donating photos from Garrett contact: Randy Bentley, P. O. Box 221, Garrett, KY 41630; [email protected]

This beautiful old log home was owned by Adonijah Fox. It was located in the scenic hills of Knox County, Kentucky, on Goldens Fork. The fox family members sitting on the front porch are unknown.

Lloyd Hughes, 538 S. Elmarch Avenue, Cynthiana, KY 41031, shares this photo and writes: "I have read several times in The Kentucky Explorer letters from readers asking if the metal teepee still stands in Grant County, Kentucky. As one can see from this photo the teepee still stands, as does the building next to it. Both structures are located on Highway 25 in Grant County."

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