February 2009

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This is a group of coal miners from the South East Coal Company, Millstone, Letcher County, Kentucky, taken in the 1930s in front of the boardinghouse in Millstone. Kneeling in front is Joe Davis. Row one, l-r: Ballard Smith, Arthur Smith, Martin Cook, Barren "Red" Thomas, A. C. "Boss" Evans, Bill Hall, William "Shorty" Donnelly, Minet Hatfield, Henry Kiser, Marion Cook, Taft Spradlin, Sherman Fitch, Bill Taylor, Carl Kiser, Russ Davis, Frank Adams, Joe Moore, John Spangler, Blaine Kiser, and Edgar Lucas. Row two, l-r: George Johnson (man with hat), C. C. Langford, Brownlow VanHoose, Lewis Collier, Abe Dodson, Felix Donnelly (man with "snap front" hat), Rance Stumbo, Claude McHone, Henry Bates, Jasper Mullins, Lee Short, Greenberry "Babe" Back, and Henry Farley. Row three, l-r: Bill Offutt, unknown, Ben Bentley, Joe Adams, Lon Fleenor, Arvis McCloud, Ernest Martin, Ish Everidge, unknown, Onas McCloud, and William Robert "Bear" McCloud. Row four, l-r: Mumford L. Wilson, unknown, J. Daniels, C. Daniels, R. Webb, B. Webb, unknown, unknown, and Lee Keith. Row five, l-r: Hershel Keel, Haywood McCloud, Dewey Amburgey, Rheuda Combs, Ernest Hamilton, John Reynolds, Allan Fredricks, Roy Keel, Otto Woody, Raymond Back, Dennis Hickman, Sherd Martin, S. E. Moncrief, Essie McCray, Bill Keith, Ben Keith, E. J. S. "Jeb" Mosgrove, John Mason, H. B. Roberts, and Emery Polly. Photo submitted by Joe Bates, 4041 S. Dells Street, Harvey, LA 70058.

Harold Bates, 1170 Hygate Drive, Roselle, IL 60172; 630/529-4267, shares this photo of his great-grandparents, James M. Bates and Susan Bailey Bates, taken ca. 1900 in Ashland, Boyd County, Kentucky. Susan was James' second wife. James was born 8/23/1849, Hickman County, Tennessee, and died 1/11/1929, Boyd County, Kentucky. Susan was born 12/17/1847, Greenup County, Kentucky, and died 11/1/1937, Carter County, Kentucky. James was first married to Caroline Josephine Williams.




Wanda Shellner, 501 S. Main Street, Muldraugh, KY 40155, shares this photo of the Muldraugh Post Office (Meade County, Kentucky) taken ca. 1945. The man standing in the door is Wanda's uncle, Carl Wells (1923-2009). The postmistress was Myrtle Withers. Wanda's great-aunt, Zula Lusk Watts, was the mail messenger.



Katie Boggs, 3760 S. Laurel Road, London, KY 40744, shares this photo taken in 1947 at the 50th wedding anniversay of W. S. and Laura Combs Ward, taken at their home in Fariston, Laurel County, Kentucky. Seated, l-r: Earl Ward, Ruth Grady, Laura Ward, W. S. Ward, Bess Zoellers, and Shelby Ward. Standing, l-r: Frank Ward, Reba Black, Carrie Haverly, Ann Phelps, Nell Champlin, Phil Ward, Jack Ward, and Peggy Sherman.

Alfreda Amburgey Terrill, 6364 Trenton Franklin Road, Middletown, OH 45042; 513/422-1876, shares this photo of the Howard and Aggie Jane Amburgey family taken in the mid-1920s in Eastern Kentucky. Front row, l-r: Fred, Carlos, Sid, Howard, Callie (Alfreda's mother), Aggie Jane, and Jonas. Back row, l-r: Losona, Stella (the baby), Irvin, Dessie, and Delsie. Not pictured is Creed.


Lucy Mae Robbins Roberts, 12891 Martin Road, Independence, KY 41051; 859/356-3642, shares this photo taken in the fall ca. 1929 of the Ferndale School at Ferndale, Bell County, Kentucky. The students, first through eighth grade, are standing in front of the one-room schoolhouse. Only seven in the photo are identified: Front row, seventh from left, Hortense Robbins; 13th from left, Lucy Mae Robbins; and 17th from left, Mrs. Delph (teacher). Second row, second from left, Hubert Walters; third from left, Arthur Walters; sixth from left, Stella Walters; and tenth from left, Ada Walters.

Ron L. Moreland, 509 Chapel Street, Falmouth, KY 41040, shares this photo of the Francis Marion Houston family. The photo was taken in front of the home-place on Highway 10 at Mt. Auburn, Pen-dleton County, Kentucky, ca. 1910. Those in the photo were identified by Lytle Houston, son of Ben Houston, in the summer of 2004. Sarah Agnes Houston is shown sitting in the wheelchair surrounded by her children. L-R: Frank H., Albert, Emma, Nick, Lillie, Lucy, and Ben.



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