November 2009

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Bob Asher, P. O. Box 119, Hyden, KY 41719; 606/672-2334; [email protected], shares this photo and writes: "This photo was made in the Red Bird area of Clay County or possibly Bell County ca. 1903. We present-day Ashers think it was a birthday gathering for Elizabeth Hendrickson Asher (born 1827). She is wearing the black dress. Elizabeth was the wife of Josiah Asher (born 1817). Josiah was a son of Dillion Asher (born 1777) and Salley Davis. Identifications were difficult over 100 years later. We have in our Dillion Asher genealogy the birthdates and death dates of most of these people. Standing l-r: Florence Asher; Benjamin Miniard Ingram Brock; his wife, Mollie Asher; unknown; unknown; unknown; unknown; Wilkerson Asher; unknown; Carlo Brittain Asher (in hat, coat, and tie); and unknown. Sitting, l-r: Unknown; Elizabeth Henderickson; Elizabeth's son, John "Chigger" Asher; unknown; another son, "Bad" Jack Asher; and Martha Asher, daughter of Chigger. Any help identifying the boys in front would be appreciated.

Ray Perkins, 2828 Hudgins HWY, Summersville, KY 42782, shares this photo, taken on April 13, 1915, of the Fielding Lucas Perkins family who lived on Doc Ward Road, Summersville, Green County, Kentucky. L-R: Vester, Lucas, Willis, Claude, and Anna Lee Marr (holding Ellis Perkins). Fielding Lucas Perkins was the local blacksmith in Summerville for 47 years. Ray is the grandson of Lucas and Anna Lee Perkins.

Rebecca Tirey Land, 12509 Brightfield Drive, Louisville, KY 40243; [email protected], shares this photo of her grandfather, Albert Tirey, born 1878, died in 1928 in Middletown, Ohio, and lived in Lee County, Kentucky. He was the son of Martha Porter Tirey and Oliver Tirey. Albert married Mary Lizbeth Carter (the daughter of Mary Francis Porter and Alex Carter) in 1906. He is shown here in his Spanish-American War uniform. Place of photo not given.

Imogene Herald, 3635 State Route 222, Batavia, OH 45103, shares this photo of students of the class of 1941 at Buckhorn High School. Front row, l-r: Dailey Belcher, Mike Duff, Lester York, and Edwin McIntosh. Back row, l-r: Edna McDaniels, Odessa Herald, Jessie Patton, Geneva Duff, and Dorothy Baker.

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