October 2009

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Doyle Speaks, 214 Cardinal Drive, McMinnville, TN 37110; 931/507-5585; [email protected], shares this photo taken at the Rulo School in eastern Pulaski County, Kentucky, ca. 1930. Front row, l-r: Dave McCallister, Zella Hash, Luther Poynter, Dana Turner, and Arlis Hash. Top row, l-r: Coleman Wells, Edith Turner, Hila Hash, Gustie Newby, Matt Turner, and Robert Wombles.


Sadie Stidham of Corbin, Kentucky, shares this photo taken in the 1920s of a railroad crew at Viper, Perry County, Kentucky. Her father is sitting at left on the railroad car.


Many years after the Pony Express came to an end in the West, mail was being delivered by horseback, at a much slower pace, to many remote areas in Eastern Kentucky. April 3, 1860, was the first official delivery of the Pony Express. The riders had to battle all sorts of weather, losing their way, and the Indians. The Pony Express was set up to provide a fresh horse every 10 miles and fresh rider every 75-100 miles. The rider's average speed was 10 miles per hour. This photo was taken in Hazard, Perry County, Kentucky.

Peggy Ray, 906 Whites Lane, Fairdale, KY 40118, shares these photos with our readers. The photo above is of a group in front of the Brooks School taken in Bullitt County, Kentucky, ca. 1942. The fourth boy from the left is Joseph Caulk. The sixth boy from the left is Ted Caulk. The second girl from the right is Doris Brewer. The photo below is of a L&N Railroad Section Gang taken at Highland Park, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky. Date is unknown. The man standing on the track, third from the right, is Elias Caulk (1876-1954). He is the father of the two Caulk boys in the above photo. Feel free to contact Peggy with the names of the others in the photos.

Barbara Thompson Farrell, 6290 Taylor Mill Road, Covington, KY 41015; 859/356-3268, shares this photo of a group of kids from the Yerkes School, Yerkes, Perry County, Kentucky, in the mid-1940s. No names were given. Barbara is the daughter of Jace and Ida Thompson of Breathitt County, Kentucky. Feel free to contact her with any information on this photo.


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