From The Editor

Hello to all from your friends here at The Kentucky Explorer. Hope everyone had a good summer. It sure went by quickly, didn't it?

Since our last issue, Donna and I were able to visit several sections of Kentucky. With all the rainfall, our dear old state was about as green as anyone could recall. While in Western Kentucky we decided to keep on going westward for a quick visit to that part of Missouri where Daniel Boone settled when he left Kentucky. We visited his large home and the site of his burial. Both are located a few miles west of St. Louis in beautiful country. Wonder what old Daniel would have thought about being brought back to Kentucky and being re-buried several years after his death?

Glad to report we are expanding our office building. Guess that's a sign our little magazine is growing. We are not adding any new staff, just moving into more pleasing space.

And speaking of space, we try to get stories and photos in our magazine as quickly as possible, but because of our recent double issue, some things will have to wait until future issues. Hope everyone understands. We also would like to remind readers sending in photographs to include as many facts about the photos as possible.

By the many pages of September events listed on pages 80-83, it's a good time to get out and enjoy Kentucky in every section. As always, we appreciate hearing from readers. It's a real joy to open our mail.

Viewing the many stories, photos, queries, and letters we get almost daily is a high point in doing this magazine. Thus, we hope it always continues. Future generations will be looking for your story. Get it in print! Share it with readers of The Kentucky Explorer!