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"Uncle Tip" Wilson Slept In The

Same Room With His Coffin

Author Unknown - June 21, 1907

Breckinridge County has one of the most remarkable
inhabitants in Kentucky, known throughout the
county as "Uncle Tip" Wilson. Mr. Wilson has become so well-known by his peculiar ideas that his home is visited by many people out of mere curiosity.
Uncle Tip has just completed a specially constructed coffin to be used for his body, when he dies, and from present indications, he expects to "shuffle off this mortal coil" within a short time.
The coffin was constructed by his own hands, and this is the second box he has built to be buried in. The first box, which was in some respects similar to the one just completed, was given to a neighbor for the burial of a relative, as no coffin could be secured in time to bury the remains.
The second box is filled with equipment for a first-class funeral. His clothes, in which he wants to be dressed, have been packed in the box, with a quantity of tobacco to keep insects from destroying them. All that is required to complete the outfit is a white shirt. This is now being made by a woman.
Tip Wilson, who lives near the town of Harned, is 85 years old and has been married twice. Both wives are dead, but a number of his children are living. He has written a number of sheets of paper with instructions to be carried out in regard to his funeral. He makes the request that his sons dig his grave. At first he requested that they dig it in a certain depth and then make a tunnel, and his remains were to be placed in this tunnel. Later, he changed this plan and said that the tunnel should be left out as it would require too much work. He does not, under any circumstances, want to be under obligations to anyone. Mr. Wilson is in good financial condition.
He lives by himself in a log house which is said to be over 100 years old. He is a prosperous farmer. He sleeps in the same room in which his coffin rests on two chairs. A few years ago he was said to be the strongest man in this section of the country. Being perfect physically, he made a reputation for his strength.
It is said that his sons will carry out his requests as to his burial. Mr. Wilson goes out to the spot selected for his grave, beside that of his second wife, and says he talks to her every day. Mr. Wilson takes pleasure in showing his coffin to those who call at his home to view it.

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