June 2009

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Black/Jones/Smith Group of Knox County, Kentucky. Front row, l-r: Grover Smith, Sr.; and Grover's wife, Ellen Gilbert Smith; Gilbert Smith; and Maggie Ellen Black Corey. Back row, l-r: Sam Gilbert, Maude Gilbert Cobb, William Thomas "Tom" Jones, Della Wilson Black, Effie Black Jones, F. N. U. Hopper, Belle B. Black Woolum, Sam Jones, Lucy Black Jones, and unknown. James Lee Cobb III, 14462 HWY 36 E. Sanders, KY 41083; [email protected], shares this photo with our readers.

A scene in the 1930s at the entrance of the city of Madisonville in Hopkins County, Kentucky.
(Photo courtesy of Joyce S. Hardin, 310 McLain Road, Springfield, KY 40069.)


Judy Kuykendall, 4125 Mitchellsburg Road, Danville, KY 40422; juronja[email protected], shares this photo of the 1932 Virgie High School, Pike County, Kentucky, basketball team. Judy thinks the team won the state championship in 1932; if not, they won the regional tournament. Judy's father, Manuel Tackett, is in the center of the bottom row. The championship trophy is in front of him. If any reader knows the identifications of the other players, feel free to contact Judy.

Janice Faye Blackburn, 167 Swinge Camp Branch, Hatfield, KY 41514, shares this photo of the Ishmal and Isabelle Blackburn family taken in 1941 in McAndrews, Pike County, Kentucky. Those in the photo are (not in order) Ishmal; Isabelle; Faustine, born 1918; Georgie Ann, born 1919; Lawson, born 1921; Lillian, born 1923; Minnie, born 1924; Ishmal, Jr., born 1926; Charley, born 1927; Fred Thomas, born 1929; Otice Hager, born 1931; Mildred Mae, born 1932; Richard, born 1934; Marilyn, born 1935; Jimmie Hayes, born 1937; Wyoming, born 1938; Tony Lee, born 1940; and Alec, born 1941. Two other children, James H., born 1943; and Polly Eliza, born 1945, came along after the photo was taken. James is Janice's husband.

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