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Bill Sundberg, P. O. Box 266, WI 54511; [email protected]; 715/649-3297, shares this photo of some of the Roberts family who traveled from Jackson, Breathitt County, Kentucky, to Long Lake, Wisconsin, in the late 1890s and early 1900s. This photo was taken in Long Lake, ca. 1910. Standing, l-r: Alexander Roberts born in Jackson, 12/4/1881-8/30/1963; James Monroe Roberts (grandfather of Bill Sundberg), born in Jackson, 3/5/1875-3/37/1957; unknown (possibly a brother, Obediah Roberts, 10/16/1886-11/18/1925; Ransom Roberts, 2/7/1870-6-23/1929; possibly Ranson's wife, Nannie, from Jackson; James' oldest daughter, Bertha, 10/7/1895; Logan Shockey, holding her daughter, Golden; Lillie Bell Gillum Roberts (Bill's grandmother), 9/9/1875-2/18/1942; and Ida Jones, born 2/27/1897. Readers feel free to contact Bill for genealogy information on this family. (See related photo on page 12.)

Bill Sunberg of Argonne, Wisconsin, shares this photo of Rachel Jane Farler Roberts, born 11/24/1853; Lillie Bell Gillum Roberts (Bill's grandmother); and Bertha Shockey, holding her daughter, Golden. This photo was taken in 1918 in either Jackson, Breathitt County, Kentucky, or Long Lake, Wisconsin. (See related photo on page 11.)


A winter scene in Claysville, Harrison County, Kentucky, in 1939. Shown in the foreground is the Thompson General Store, and to the right of the store is the Claysville covered bridge which burned in September 1953. Bob Thompson, 5651 Sterling Lakes Circle, Apt. 208, Mason, OH 45040, shares this photo with our readers.


Steve Gross, 6449 Decker Road, Franklin, OH 45005; 937/743-0865 or 937/545-9026, shares this photo of his grandfather, Dewey Gross, and his aunt, Sallie Bell Gross. Dewey was born in 1908 at Kragon, Breathitt County, Kentucky. Dewey's and Sallie's parents were Littleton and Ida Hays Gross of Kragon. Dewey married Lottie Stone from Virginia and the couple had 12 children. If any reader has any photos or information on the Gross family, feel free to contact Steve.

Harold Smith, P. O. Box 371, London, KY 40743; 606/878-7085, shares the photo above of the Lower Spring Creek School, Clay County, Kentucky, taken ca. 1918. He writes: "This photo was provided to me by Lillian Smith Florey, No. 26, first cousin to my dad, Royd Smith, No. 12. Please note they are sitting on a big rock which was located near the school. Others in the photo are 1. Anna Lee Baker Roark, 2. Lillian Smith Shively, 3. Phronia Mae Smith Collins, 4. Esco Baker, 5. Martha Ella Smallwood, 6. Alex B. Smallwood, 7. Curtis Smith, 8. Unknown, 9. Myrtle Wager (teacher), 10. Unknown, 11. Rufus Smith, 12. Royd Smith, 13. Elmer Smith, 14. Oakley Lewis, 15. Unknown, 16. Edward Smith, 17. Clarence "Ricketts" Smith, 18. Fonso Lewis, 19. Sherman Smith, 20. McCoy Lewis, 21. Unknown, 22. Cecil Lewis, 23. Hester Baker, 24. Nora Lewis, 25. Cleo Smith (?), 26. Lillian Smith Florey, 27. Lula B. Smith Carpenter, 28. Edna Smith, 29. Unknown, 30. Mabel Baker, 31. Oather Smith. I would like to know the identities of the other students in the photo. In 2005 I began searching for descendents of Jabe and Martha Hubbard Smith, my great-grandparents and found Lillian, shown at right, through my search. She is such a sweet and wonderful lady. On November 21, 2008, she turned 99 years old. She lives in Peoria, Illinois, and she is believed to be the only person in this photo who is still living. If anyone has any information or is a descendent of Jabe and Martha Hubbard Smith, please contact me."


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