Letters To The Editor

Each month, The Kentucky Explorer magazine receives literally scores of letters from our faithful readers. Whenever possible, we try to publish as many of them as possible in the 12 pages we have set aside for "Letters to the Editor."

Here are actual letters from September 2008

Thanks For Memories
Dear Editor:
I really enjoy The Kentucky Explorer. When it comes, I turn each page looking for references I can associate with. The June 2008 issue was no exception.
I'm always pleased to see contributions from my cousin, Joe Fothergill. He wrote of the Welch family in Jackson County, Kentucky. I remember going to the burning Welch residence in Madison County about 1930. It was only two farms away from my own home. The Berea College Fire Department arrived about the same time I did and just in time to see the house burn to the ground.
The photo of the baptizing on page four was a special bonus. I suspect the picture was taken where the road east of Berea to Big Hill and McKee crosses Silver Creek at the location of Silver Creek Baptist Church. There is a bridge there now. My grandfather, James William Parsons (born Lee County, Virginia, 1853), was a circuit preacher at the church from about 1895 when he moved his family from Drip Rock, Jackson County (where my mother and Joe Fothergill's grandfather were born), until his death in 1916. He moved, incidentally, to take advantage of the educational opportunities offered by Berea College. My mother used to tell me of going to church with Grandpa in a buggy on Sundays with her two younger sisters, May Parsons Barnett and Lena Parsons Swinford. They were the unofficial choir at the three churches Grandpa serviced: Big Hill, Silver Creek, and another one located past Big Hill.
There were other references to Madison County in the same issue. I always look for those, too, and especially for genealogy references and letters to the editor.
Grandma Parsons (Deborah Francis "Dutch" Alcorn, born 2/14/1855) was born in Estill County. She told me her great-great-grandmother floated down the Ohio River in 1775 and went ashore on the south side of the river and then went inland to near where Irvine is now.
Thanks to The Explorer staff for bringing back many memories.
George W. Kilbourne
Attorney at Law
661 Augusta Drive
Moraga, CA 94556

Morgan Christian Church
Dear Editor:
I am from a small community called Morgan in Pendleton County, Kentucky. I live beside the Morgan Christian Church. Plans are being made to build a building near the church, but I have been informed that there might be graves there.
If anyone has any old pictures of the church that show any of the graves, please contact me.
Regina Gentry
112 Morgan Berry Road
Falmouth, KY 41040
[email protected]

Searching For Grave
Of James A. Watkins
Dear Editor:
I am searching for the gravesite of James A. Watkins. He was married to Fannie (possibly Hollan) Watkins and owned a farm at Greenbrier near Lee City, Wolfe County, Kentucky.
If anyone has any information regarding the cemetery where he is buried, please contact me.
Rader Watkins
1461 Dayton Yellow Springs Road
Xenia, OH 45385

Words To Song Wanted
Dear Editor:
I would like the words to the song The Wreck of the Old 97.
I will pay any expense.
I enjoy The Kentucky Explorer very much.
Frankie Cassell
2210 N. W. 28th Avenue
Cape Coral, FL 33993

1905-1906 Louisville
Medical College Graduates

Dear Editor:
I am looking for descendants of anyone who graduated from Louisville Medical College in the 1905-1906 session. My husband's grandfather, Dr. William Trazil, of West Virginia, was in this class. I am trying to locate a graduating class photo or any other information.
The graduating class included the following from Kentucky:
W. L. Calvert, E. R. Donaldson, E. N. Estes, M. Ford, R. H. Garner, H. Hensley, J. W. Norris, J. C. Ross, A. B. Riley, R. Robinson, H. A. Smith, B. Vaughan, and R. G. Welsh.
Anyone related to these graduates or might have with further information, please contact me.
Joan E. Farley
8103 Hobson Lane
King George, VA 22485