June 2008 Contents

What's inside of the June 2008

Kentucky Explorer!

Page 2 -- Special Offers

Page 3 -- Editor's Message/Table of Contents


Page 4-9, 97-99 -- Letters to the Editor

Letters from our readers

Page 53-55 Kentucky's 1879 State Gazetteer: A Look At Kentucky Towns And Their Establishments 124 Years Ago


Hickory Grove

Ten Mile


Horse Branch


Coe's Creek




plus many more...


Page 56 Old Postcard Scenes

Old Postcard Scenes of Hazard, Perry County

plus others...

Page 61-- Word Puzzle - Unfavorable Events In Kentucky

Page 62 -- Kentucky Genealogy From

Dr. John J. Dickey's 1898 Diary

These writings are written word for word as Dr. Dickey wrote them.

Page 65-- Kentucky Kinfolks

Interesting collection of old genealogy clippings over 100 years old.

Chilton, Slaughter-Cook, Steele, Carter, Summers-Bell, Apperson-Rogers, and Eastin

Page 68 Family Reunions & Other Special Announcements

A free service for our readers who are planning family reunions and special events.

Page 72 -- Genealogy From Long Ago

Interesting collection of old genealogy clippings over 100 years old.

Bedford, Christian, Steele, Weaver, Bruce, Brashear, Wright, McDonald, Crawford-Harris, plus more

Page 75-- Kentucky Explorer Book Page

Readers are invited to send in their books and other projects to appear on this page. This is a free service.

Page 76-- Kentucky Explorer Book Page

Various Materials To Aid in Family History Research

Page 79 Old-Time Recipes To Enjoy By Our Readers -- From All Over Kentucky

Stuffed Tomatoes, Cabin Biscuits, Beef Steaks, Hoe Cake, Old-Fashioned Doughnuts, Baked Onions, Parsnip Fritters

Page 80-93"I Remember" By Our Readers

Memories from readers all over Kentucky.

Page 95 Kentucky Genealogy Help Line

Queries are published free up to 50 words as space is available.

Page 97 Songs Kentuckians Were Singing 100 Years Ago

Page 100-101 Readers Share Old Photos

You are invited to submit your treasured old photos. Photos must be of people of Kentucky or places in Kentucky.

June Events To Enjoy

Page 105-107

Page 108 -- Classified Ads Ten Cents Per Word - Minimum $3.00 Per Issue -- Payment Must Accompany All Advertising Copy - Sorry, We Cannot Accept Classified Ads Over The Phone

Page 112 Points of Interest Location Map/Order Form

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