May 2008

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Geoff Walden, P. O. Box 194, Rineyville, KY 40162; [email protected], shares this photo and writes: "In the March 2008 issue of The Kentucky Explorer, Scott Thomas asked about the old metal teepee on US HWY 25 in Grant County, Kentucky. I grew up near there, off KY HWY 36, in an area called Hilltop that has also been called Cherry Grove. According to Scott's letter, this teepee was for the gas pump attendant who worked at a gas station or perhaps for a pump for Edmonson's Grocery or one of the other businesses that were located there. Delbert R. Walden, my father, took this photo, probably in the 1950s. The ladies in the photo are unidentified."


Ruby Henson, 122 Greenside Drive, Somerset, KY 42501, shares this photo of the class of the Piso School which was located on Right Fork of Brushy Creek in Pike County, Kentucky. Her mother, Hattie Maynard, is the girl with the big smile, in the center, wearing the white hat. She was 15 years old when this photo was taken in 1930.

Gregory S. Hughes, 730 Fairview Avenue, Suite A3, Bowling Green, KY 42101, shares this photo and writes: "This is the Joe Francis Coffey family in 1920 in Whitley City, McCreary County, Kentucky. All are deceased except for little girl on the left in the front row. She is my grandmother, Gertie Coffey Swain, and is now 90 years old. There are many descendants of Joe Coffey still living in McCreary County. Joe was the son of Shelby Coffey of Wayne County. The picture was taken in front of their house which just recently burned. It was located directly across the street from the King Edward Cafe in Whitley City. Joe Coffey was a lumber salesman at one time and was employed by Captain John Geary, an Irish expatriate, who was a business competitor of the Justin Stearns Mining and Lumber Company, which was so famous in Stearns. Geary established the waterworks in Somerset, Pulaski County, Kentucky. The people in the photo are, back row, l-r, Elsie Coffey Whitehead, a Martin girl, Dora Roberts Coffey, Joe Francis Coffey, Clarence Coffey and Thurstle Coffey. Front row, l-r: Gertie Coffey Swain Phillips, Maude Coffey Ball, and Claude Coffey. Gladys Coffey Anderson was not yet born. She still survives and lives in Whitley City."

Teri Pryse, 2788 Land Park Drive, Sacramento, CA 95818, [email protected]; shares this photo taken at Travellers Rest, Owsley County, Kentucky, ca. 1916. This photograph was given to Teri by her aunt, Zelma Price Herrin. Zelma is the daughter of Robert and Lula Lynch Price and, at age 96, is living independently in Cincinnati, Ohio. Front row, l-r: Ethel Lynch (1910-1996), Della Lynch (1896-1990), Nell Hall (1914-?), Lillian "Lillie" Gallagher (1902-?), Zelma Price (1912), Mertie Price (1904-ca. 2006), Lucy Jane Price (1911-2006), Hobart Lynch (1897-1972), and Bethel Tackett (1908-?). Middle row, l-r: Tommy Gallagher 1909-1989, Fanny Lynch (1908-unknown), Katie Price (1906-1990), Pearl Lynch (1906-?), Evaline (Eve) Gallagher (1904-?), Conley Price (1904-1993), Ellis Price (1906-1983), and Vernon Price (1910-1988). Back row, l-r: Robert Price (1877-1967), Lonnie Price (1914-1992), Lula Lynch Price (1879-1961), Fred Price (1918-1964), Laura Newnam Lynch (1975-1956), Louvina Newnam Tackett (1884-?), Infant Tackett (female), Lavina Gallagher Hall (1893-1986), Eliza Jane Price Gallagher (1870-1960), and Daneal Gallagher (1865-1952). Other names were submitted with this photo, but due to limited space only the names of those pictured were printed. Readers are invited to contact Teri Pryse for more information.

Walter Thomas, 6045 N. Main Street, Apt. 230, Dayton, OH 45415; [email protected], shares this photo of a Brittians Baptist Church baptizing. The church was located in Kenvir, Harlan County, Kentucky, ca. 1940. Those in the river are (l-r) Wynn Glen Daniels, Walt Thomas, Junior Sharp, Lois Jones, Vonnie Daniels, Frankie Hale, unknown, unknown, and Rachel Daniels. The others are unidentified.

Eddie Grigsby, 571 Belgrave Lane, Tucker, GA 30084; 770/925-1679; [email protected], shares this photo, taken in 1929 at the funeral of Elhannon Hurt, in Hardburly, Perry County, Kentucky. Front row, l-r: Unknown and unknown. Second row, l-r: Britt Grigsby, ? Engle, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, and unknown. Third row, l-r: Carson Hurt, unknown, ? McKee, unknown, unknown, unknown, Charlie Feltner, unknown, and Sam Martin. Fourth row, l-r: ? Drake, Tom Williams, John Riley Kelly, Roy Combs, Alfred Smith, unknown, unknown, Ned Gayheart, and unknown. Fifth row, l-r: ? Engle, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Brian Hurt, Tommy Grigsby, unknown, Balis ?, and Martin Grigsby. Women and children on the left, in the back, l-r: Evelyn Feltner, Polly Feltner, Mattie Feltner, Mable Hurt (married David Russell), and Carrie Hurt (holding Joe Hurt). Some of the men in the back row are (not in order): Curt Gayheart, John Gayheart, and Chester Hurt. The two men in black coats at the foot of the casket were preachers Willie Frances and Robert Combs. Eddie would like to know the names of the others. Feel free to contact him with any information.

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