February 2008

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Henry E. Blanks, 2610 Camrose Cove, Memphis, TN 38119, shares this photo of his parents, H. H. "Bud" Blanks and Jane Tucker Blanks. H. H. is holding Henry. The photo was taken in front of the Riverside Gulf Filling Station and Store in 1933 in Lincoln County, Kentucky.

Carol Moore of McLeansville, North Carolina, shares this photo of a group of students who attended the Terry School in Knott County, Kentucky, in the late 1940s. The tall, dark-haired girl in the main back is Judy Stamper Moore, Carol's mother. Two others in the back row are unknown. First row, l-r: Norman Patrick, Beulah Faye Patrick, Lorean Patrick, Alice Faye, Noble, Jimmy Conley, Wilmer Patrick, Burley Patrick, James Stamper, Pauline Conley, Theda Ratliff, Thelma Conley, Christine Conley, Vivian Patrick, and Martha Owsley. Next row, l-r: Easter Patrick, Margaret Owsley, Jessie Faye Stamper, Maxie Patrick, Sylvia Stamper, Bulah Rae Patrick, Gevena Patrick, Gertrude Patrick, Matthew Stamper (Judy's brother), Bobby Adams, Bobby Conley, and Elmer Patrick. See "I Remember" below.


Candace Conley, P. O. Box 126, Salyersville, KY 411465, shares these family photos. The photo at top left is of Candace Banks Conley and John Ray Conley taken in 1946 at Morehead, Rowan County, Kentucky. The photo at top right is of Candace's double-first cousin, Wava Banks Arnett Davis, holding Candace in 1930 at Hendricks, Magoffin County, Kentucky. The photo at left is of Candace's cousin, Mae Arnett McCarty (6/23/1910-8/8/1979), wife of Fred McCarty and mother of Lucille, Louise, and Hargis. The photo was taken in 1933. Place of photo not given.


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Jeanette Rains Hines, 441 Clairmont Avenue, Apt. 110, Decatur, GA 30030; 404/377-7674, shares this photo. She writes, "This is a photo of my husband's (Elmer "Al" Hines) grandfather, S. P Shoop. He worked at the Lincoln Lumber Company. He is on the bumper of the truck. He was a Church of God preacher in and around Waynesburg, Lincoln County, Kentucky. He was born 3/20/1872 in Bucayne, Crawford County, Ohio. He married Docia Farris McKenzie on 8/29/1895 in Waynesburg. S. P. died 6/18/1956 in Danville, Boyle County, Kentucky. I would like to know the name of the driver of the truck." Feel free to contact Jeanette with any information.

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