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This interesting photo was taken from Wade Moore's collection and shared by his sister, Grace Moore, 942 KY HWY 114, Prestonsburg, KY 41653. Grace would like to know what event was taking place. She thinks that it could possibly have been a hanging. All the men are dressed in dark clothing and appear to be praying. There are no buildings shown and there are no women present. The location and date of the photo are unknown. (Editor's note: This is probably a photo of a hanging during the Hatfield-McCoy Feud.)

This is the bandmill that was at Viper, Perry County, Kentucky, during 1910-1920s. The docks ran down to the old John Watts' store building. The bottoms were stacked full of lumber almost to the railroad tracks before the present highway was built. Most of the bottom land now belongs to August Angle. Some of the people shown are Will Young, Lloyd Henry, Roy Campbell, Ted Campbell, Coolie Hall, Truman Ritchie, and John L. Hall. The two logs on the railroad flat-car came out of Elkhorn Hollow, now better known as the "Slab Town" Hollow, just below Viper on Highway 7. Walter Hall, Jr., 1928 S. W. 25th Avenue, Gainsville FL 32608, shares this photo.

The John Wesley Kendall Family, Meade County, Kentucky. This photo was taken in 1916 on John Wesley Kendall's farm in Meade County, Kentucky. John Wesley's wife was Addie May Anderson who was shown in the Anderson family photo in the October 2007 issue of The Kentucky Explorer. Back row, l-r: Lon B. Kendall, William Fred Kendall, James Kendall, and Mabel Kendall. Front row, l-r: John Wesley Kendall, Daniel Abraham Kendall, May Anderson Kendall, and in her lap, Benjamin Leslie Kendall. At the time of this photo, John Wesley Kendall was a blacksmith. Evidently, he came directly out of the shop to have the photo taken. In 1893, when John was 25 years old, he worked for the Texas and Western Railroad (later L&N Railroad). He did all the ballast work in Meade and Breckinridge County, laying the track bed, using teams of horses with grader boxes. James L. Kendall, [email protected], shares this photo and says his father, James Kendall, pictured in this photo, is the only one alive from this family. He is 97 years old and will turn 98 March 1, 2008.

Richard Smith, 120 West Charles Street, Batavia, OH 45103, shares this photo of the Rogers family of Wilton Road in Knox County, Kentucky. L-R: Lester, Leslie, Monroe, Everett, Laura, Mrs. Trospher (neighbor), Ethel, and Anna (mother of the Rogers children). Not present for the photo were Charlie and Henry. Date of photo not given.

Rosemary Duvall, P. O. Box 13297, East Dublin, GA 31027, shares this photo of the Jacob and Mary Carroll Duvall family of Leitchfield, Grayson County, Kentucky, in the early 1900s. No names were given.

Lucille G. Kirkland of Lexington, Kentucky, shares this photo of her parents, Edward Smith Grubbs and Rosa Lee Cochran Grubbs, taken in front of their store at Kidds Store, Casey County, Kentucky, sometime after the 1920s. See "I Remember" at left.

The Henry and Mary Terrell Family of Whitley County, Kentucky. L-R: George Orson, born 1899; Alonzo, born 1902; Josh, born 1896; Flora, born 1893; Granville, born 1891; Bertha, born 1889; Mary (holding the youngest child, Jimmy, born 1908); Leslie, born 1906; and Henry Gilbert Terrell, father of a total of 21 children, is on the extreme right. (See related letter below in the February 2007 issue).

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