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Bill Manning, 7180 Ironworks Road, Winchester, KY 40391, shares this photo of "downtown" Blue Diamond, a mining town in Perry County in Eastern Kentucky, during the 1940s.

A funeral at Salyersville, Kentucky, at the Magoffin County Courthouse. This courthouse was built by Thomas T. Milburn and Frank Milburn, a father and son team from Kenova, West Virginia, in 1893. It was destroyed by fire in 1957. County records dated back to 1860 were saved as the county clerk's office, circuit clerk's office, and county judge's office had fireproof vaults. The frame building at the left was torn down to make room for the new brick jail which was constructed in 1908. This photo was made sometime before 1908 but sometime after 1893 and shared by James E. Allen, 447 Kentucky Street, Salyersville, KY 41465.


Kenneth G. Williams shares this school photo taken at Ribolt, Lewis County, Kentucky, in September 1904. His mother, Beulah Fite, is shown in the second row, seventh from left. She was 11 years old at the time. Front row, l-r: Tom Bryant, Eddie Bryant, Arlie Applegate, McKinley Fite, Glen Fite, Mary Vance, Stella Spence, Sam Vance, Jenning Fite, Jesse Fite, George Corns, Jesse Applegate, Fred Donavon, Cliff McNutt, Taylor Applegate, and Eph Applegate. Second row, l-r: Opal Fite, Anna Corns and little brother, Alaphore Eulett, Olive Bryant, Florence Donavon, Jane Fite, Beulah Fite, Cosby Meadows, Mary Drake, Della Applegate, unknown, and Sarah Mineer. Third row, l-r: Floyd Meadows, Charlie Corns, Leslie Fite, A. Meadows, Lula Shelton, Lelia Fite, Lois Applegate, Pearl Spence, Amelia Corns, Lewis Fite, Robert Corns, unknown, Walter Spence, Robert Eulett, Minor Spence, and Otto Applegate. Fourth row: Emily Macy, Violet Eulett, Phoeba Applegate, unknown, Anna Donavon, Goldie Spence, Clara Fite, unknown, Tom Fite, Lena Meadows, Thomas Fite, and Carrie Gearheart (teacher). All the Fites shown are related to Kenneth who can be reached at 1512 NE 17th Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33304.


Willie and Vera Jarboe Faulkner were all smiles on their wedding day at Rock Lick in Breathitt County, Kentucky. Vera enjoyed her ride in the wheelbarrow, which was possibly some version of a local chivalry or mountain tradition. Vera was originally from Breckinridge County and came to Rock Lick in 1945 on a mission trip. Willie Faulkner, from Oakdale Christian School in Breathitt County, was also at Rock Lick doing mission work. Willie and Vera met, courted, and were married the following year on July 20, 1946. The couple left Rock Lick and began pastoring a Free Methodist Church at Curt, Kentucky, approximately eight miles from Jackson. There they lived and reared three children, Samuel, Esther, and Joseph. Vera was the postmistress at Curt for many years. Their lives were truly committed to serving the Lord. Willie died in June 1983, and Vera, at the age of 97, departed this earthly life on March 30, 2006. The godly lives Willie and Vera shared have left many special memories for a lot of people and a great legacy for their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Samuel Faulkner (pastor of the Elkatawa Free Methodist Church), Curt Road, Jackson, KY 41339, shares this treasured photo with our readers.


Barbara Wimm, P. O. Box 261, Joshua, TX 76058; [email protected], shares this photo of Molly Ware (on the left); Mollie's twin daughters, Lena and Vena; and Mag Gifford. The photo was taken in Mt. Olivet, Robertson County, Kentucky, ca. 1913.


Vernon Dick, HC 72, Box 77L, Monticello, KY 42633, shares this photo of Herbert Dick, plowing his garden with Old Joe in Monticello, Wayne County, Kentucky. Date unknown.


James A. Scott, 51 Fox Trail, London, KY 40744, shares this old postcard photo dated March 16, 1938. L-R: Henderson H. Bennett, Clyde Vester Bennett, and an unknown person. Henderson was James' grandfather, and Clyde was is great-uncle. Both are buried in Harlan County and were originally from Whitley County. Their parents were Thomas and Obedience (Biddy) Reeves Bennett.

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