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This old photo was taken on a street in Campton, Wolfe County, Kentucky, ca. 1910. The gentlemen were possibly Kilgores, Swangos, or Trimbles. Charles F. Combs, 2215 Superior Street, Middletown, OH 45044, shares this photo.

This old postcard photo was taken ca. 1910, probably at a studio in Corbin or Williamsburg, Whitley County, Kentucky. Shown in the photo are Robert Terrell, Peter Terrell (in front), and Ida Terrell Barton (back left) who moved west to the state of Washington in the late 1800s. They are shown with their brother C(K)ager Terrell and his wife, Gertie, with Cager holding their child, Edna. These Terrells came from a family of 21 children. They grew up on Flat Creek and Meadow Creek in Knox and Whitley counties. The Terrells who moved West always came home via the railroad. Phyllis Terrell, 207 Persimmon Street, Corbin, KY 40701; [email protected], shares this photo with our readers.

Herbert I. Goins, P. O. Box 59, Clay City, KY 40312, shares this photo of himself while fishing at the Cumberland River, ca. 1955. He writes: "Growing up in Harlan, Perry, and Letcher counties, the Cumberland River provided most of our recreation. Fishing, camping, swimming, and frog gigging were among the highlights of my childhood in the coal camps. My family lived in Hiram, Harlan County, when this photo was taken. The fishing hole was about one mile from our house and the walk took me by an apple tree that provided my breakfast, lunch, and sometimes dinner. Born in 1942, the third of nine children, life in the coal camps was hard. I enjoyed hunting squirrels with a .12-gauge shotgun at age 12 and going to the spring where we kept our "refrigerated" items. We had no running water, telephone, or television. Electricity was our only luxury. I did manage to attend classes at the UK Extension in Cumberland while I worked in the coal mines. My family moved to Lexington in 1965 and then settled in Clay City. I retired from IBM as an engineer and now I have plenty of time to remember how growing up in the mountains made me who I am today. My beautiful wife of 43 years and memories of the Cumberland River are two of the most precious things I have from my youth in southern Kentucky."

Wayne County, Kentucky.


Betty Burnett Fairchild, RR 2, Box 4407, Monticello, KY 42633, shares this photo of her mother, Stella Smith Burnett, shown making soap on their farm at Mt. Pisgah, Wayne County, Kentucky, in the early 1950s.








Bailey and Grinstead Groceries and Feed on Green Street at Glasgow, Barren County, Kentucky, ca. 1915.

July-August 2007 Cover Photograph...

At the front door of the Prater Memorial Methodist Church in Salyersville, Magoffin County, Kentucky, in 1933, was this group of young ukulele players. Seated, l-r: Jean Moore, Geraldine Stephens, and Gladys Rice. Standing, l-r: Carl Cooper, Jr.; M. F. Rice; Harry Jack Ramey; and Garland Prater. This photo is shared by James E. Allen, 447 Kentucky Street, Salyersville, KY 41465.

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