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The newly-elected county officials of Lawrence County, Kentucky, stood on the courthouse steps in Louisa in 1930. Front row, l-r: Doc Jordan, superintendent of schools; William "Simp" Boggs, circuit clerk; and Arthur Coffey, jailer. Second row, l-r: Kit Carson Elswick, county attorney; David M. Curnutte, county assessor; Phil Preece, sheriff; John Parsons, county agent; L. D. Fyffe, county judge; Charles Edwards, county clerk; Dr. Virgil Skaggs, health doctor; and ?, health nurse. J. P. Lyon, 106 Lycan Road, Ashland, KY 41101, shares this photo. David M. Curnutte was his grandfather.

Guy Strain proudly shows off his big catfish caught at Lake Malone in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. Mrs. Fenco Culp, 269 Maxfield Drive, Paducah, KY 42001, shares this photo of her uncle. The date of the photo was not given.














Josh and Shirley Parrett Boyd, 3104 Ridge Hollow Drive, Plano, TX 75023; [email protected], shares this photo of the family of Robert Bingham Shepherd and Sarah Hurst Shepherd, originally from Owsley County, Kentucky. They moved to Wildie in Rockcastle County, Kentucky, near Mt. Vernon. The photo was taken ca. 1920. The girls in the photo are (in back, l-r) Minnie Docia, Nora, (in front, l-r) Bertha and Dewey. The names of the boys are Ramey, Willie, Charley, Elza, and Shelby. Robert and Sarah are in the front row. Josh and Shirley would like to know which boy is which. Feel free to contact them with any information.

These mountain women were hard at work doing laundry long ago in Kentucky. During their lives they probably never knew the convenience of electricity and how much easier it would make life for future generations.










William and Lorine Johnson Troop celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary on October 23, 2006. They were married in Hopkins County, Kentucky, in 1926, both being 17 years of age. The Troops reside at the NHC Healthcare Center, 419 N. Seminary Street, Madisonville, KY 42431, where a reception was held in their honor. James M. Oliver, 123 El Camino Real Drive, Cadiz, KY 42211, shares this photo with our readers.

Irene Brashear of Viper, Kentucky, shares this photo of Sol Lize Adams and Liz Pullman, possibly taken in Leslie County, Kentucky, in the late 1800s. See "I Remember" at left.












Cleo Geneva Belt passed away in June of 2006 in Crittenden County, Kentucky, where she had lived for 94 years. Among her belongings was this old photo. On the back side of the photo is written, "Pleasant Hill or Midway School." Ms. Belt was a lifelong member of Pleasant Hill Regular Baptist Church. The names of the individuals in the picture are not known. Perhaps readers can identify the location of the photo and names of those shown. In the book titled The Fourth History of Pleasant Hill Regular Baptist Church, page 12, the following is found: "In 1855 Obadiali Paris deeded two acres to Pleasant Hill Church. The congregation met until 1867 in a log structure on the north side of Pleasant Hill Branch in a little creek bottom. The building faced south toward the branch and three small openings were made in the west wall for light. In May 1866 the second church was begun. It stood on the location of the present structure. The pulpit of that house was located where the altar of the present church stands. The old log church was given to the school district and was moved to where it became the Pleasant Hill School." A photo on page 18 of that book shows a large group of people being photographed on one of the sides of the church. The windows in the book's photo and this photo appear to be closely the same type windows; however, placement of the windows on the side of the building in the book do not match the placement of the windows in this photo. Could this be a photo taken at Midway School rather than Pleasant Hill? In 1923 the church changed its name to Pleasant Hill Church of Regular Baptist; however, there is no mention about the school. The church had 184 members at that time, and with this many members, there were many children in that community of school age. In the book The Churches of Crittenden County Kentucky there appears the same wording as quoted above about the school. There is no mention of the Midway School in that book. In the book History of Crittenden County Schools 1842-1987, by the Crittenden County Historical Society, there is an article on both the Pleasant Hill School and the Midway School. There is a picture of the Pleasant Hill School (page 86) that shows one side and the front of the school. The windows in that picture appear to closely resemble the windows in the picture found in the above photo. While there is an old picture of the Midway School (page 68), it is of the front of the building and it's impossible to tell if the windows at Midway would have matched those of the picture found. The average monthly salary in 1881 for the teacher at Midway, which was a log school building, was $25.75. The salary was not listed for the Pleasant Hill School. The teacher at Midway in 1891 was N. W. Paris. At Pleasant Hill, N.W. Jones was the instructor. In 1896 Pleasant Hill School had 93 pupils and Midway 86. According to history books, the Midway School, which was located approximately midway between Piney Fork and Coleman Roads in the eastern portion of the county, was torn down and two houses on East Depot Street in Marion were partially built from the lumber. The school building was located just off Hwy. 120 about two-and-one-half miles east of Marion. It is not known when the building was demolished. According to the book History and Families of Crittenden County, published in 1991, there were 1,307 students in school in Crittenden County in 1848. By 1884 there were 81 schools in Crittenden County with enrollment of 2747. By 1896 the number of schools had dropped to 76; however, the enrollment had increased to 5243, which became the all-time high. One might remember that many children dropped out of school at an early age, thus the enrollment did not include all children of school age in Crittenden County. Consolidation of schools in 1957 resulted in seven schools becoming the nucleus of the Crittenden County School System. There were 1,626 students at the time of consolidation. Bill A. Belt, 16810 Hunters Point, Dallas, TX 75248; [email protected], shares this photo with our readers.

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