Things For Sale

Other popular features found in our magazine each month pertain to items that our readers have for sale. These generally appear in our Kentucky Explorer Classified Ads and Kentucky Explorer Book Page, but occasionally are found in Letters To The Editor or other pages, too.

Here are a few things for sale by readers from our February 2007

BOOK FOR SALE: The Deserter, by Billie Rains, is about a young man who deserts the Civil War, comes home to marry his sweetheart and, at her insistence, returns to his unit to clear his name. Ms. Rains' for her story came from her search to learn about her great-grandfather, Isham Rains. He lived in Whitley County, Kentucky, deserted the Civil War, and returned to clear his name. The battles in which her character fights are battles in which her great-grandfather fought. The story is filled with happiness, sadness, laughter, and tears. To order, send $13.95, plus $2.55, to: Ms. Billie Rains, 202 Boston Drive, Versailles, KY 40383.

EXPERT PHOTO RESTORATION: Do you have precious, one-of-a-kind photos of family and friends that have become faded and cracked over the years? I can digitally copy and restore them to good condition so that your treasures won't be lost. All photos are returned in original condition and handled with TLC. Very reasonable prices. Contact: Jan Francis, 859/442-0808; or
[email protected]

WANTED: Want to buy coal company scrip or tokens. Describe condition and send prices to: Charles Miller, 200 W. 900 N., Wawaka, IN 46794; or call: 260/502-7009.

BOOK FOR SALE: A Whole 'Nother Language is a collection of appalachian words and expressions collected over many years. It is a way to preserve part of our heritage for future generations. The book makes a very nice gift. Send $12 for each book (includes shipping and handling) to: Anna H. Ison, 1564 Wellesley Drive, Lexington, KY 40513.

FOR SALE: A ca. 1840s barn loom; a cherry quilting frame, very old; one squirrel cage, yarn winder; one primitive yarn winder; and handmade chairs and stools. I also do chair caning. Contact: Carl Campbell, 2265 W. Laurel Road, London, KY 40741; or call after 8:00 p.m.: 606/864-7258.

BOOK FOR SALE: Quiet Moments With God, Inspirational Poems Of His Love And Grace by Gracie M. Burnett. To order, call: 888/795-4274, ext. 479; or visit the website at:

TOMATO SEEDS FOR SALE: For a great taste and big tomatoes, try a Belgian Giant, an Heirloom. Bears fruit six to eight inches in diameter, weighing one to two pounds. A pink tomato, sweet, very meaty, not acid. The perfect sandwich tomato (80-90 days). Golden Jubilee tomato is a yellow tomato and has an excellent taste. Matures in 80 days. Specify choice. Send self-addressed, stamped envelope, plus $2 per packet of seeds to: Bob O'Flynn, 2931 State Route 1554, Owens-boro, KY 42301.

FLOWER SEEDS FOR SALE: Cleome (Spider Flowers), annual and beautiful. Reseeds itself. Mixture of lavender and pink. Send self-addressed, stamped envelope, plus $2 per packet of seeds to: Ruth Bartlett, 2931 State Route 1554, Owensboro, KY 42301.

BOOK WANTED: I would like to have a copy of the book Man Trip. It needs to be in good condition. Contact: Carolyn Sue Johnson Willett, 164 W. Edgewood Circle, Asheboro, NC 27205; 336/873-7764; or [email protected]

COLLECTING STORIES FOR MY NEW BOOK: Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things is the tentative title of my new, in-progress book. I'm looking for suggestions of Kentuckians to be included in the collection. Nominees should not be well-known, except possibly in their own locales, and they should be remarkable for their demonstrated ability to overcome extremely difficult personal challenges and/or have shown uncommon courage or selflessness in contributing to the welfare of others' lives. Would appreciate any names you might add, along with contact information and a synopsis of their story. My tentative release date is April 2008, possibly sooner. Contact: Steve Flairty, 2170 Fort Harrods Drive, #42, Lexington, KY 40513; or [email protected]

THE MEMORY CREATORS: Let us transfer your slides, photographs, or 8mm movie reels to videotape or DVD. Price includes a $15.95 set-up fee and a high-quality videotape. Slides: $1, photographs: $1; movies: $5 per 50-foot reel. Contact: Bill or Mary Turner, 111 Hiawatha Trail #2, Georgetown, KY 40324; or call: 502/570-9799.

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