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A. D. Ponder, 344 J and V Lane, Stanford KY 40484, feels it is a bit unusual in having tintype photos of all four of his grandparents, so he stopped by The Kentucky Explorer office to share these treasured photos with our readers. A. D.'s maternal grandparents, Richard Franklin Mullins and Martha Ellen Mullins (shown above), were married January 5, 1887. The couple were from the Owsley County area. Richard died in 1899 at the age of 31 years. Martha died in 1930 at the age of 81. His paternal grandparents, Francis Marion Ponder and Susan Paulina Brummett Ponder (shown below), were married November 4, 1880. They both were from Jackson County. Francis died October 1939 at the age of 84. Susan died August 1957 at the age of 97.


Robert A. (Bob) Creech, 1515 Maysfield, Birmingham, MI 48009; [email protected]; shares this photo of the 1928 Benham High School Boys' Basketball Team. The only person identified is Robert L. (Bob) Creech, the second player from the right, Robert A.'s father. The 1928 girls' team was featured in the October 2006 issue of The Kentucky Explorer, page 80.

J. S. Rowland proved in the 1920s that the livestock raised on his hilly farm in Owsley County, Kentucky, was just as fat as livestock raised on the Bluegrass farms of Fayette County. In the old scene above a young lady was ready to milk. This was probably only one of many of her daily chores.

Arthur McBrayer, 4437 E. Almeria Road, Phoenix, AZ 85008, shares this photo and information: "Bert W. McBrayer, my father, of Ditney Ridge near Elliottville, Rowan County, Kentucky, walked behind Ole Daisy (blaze face) and Maude. During the fall of 1951 he was preparing for a cover crop, which, of course, would not be planted until spring of the next year. Dad is now 94 years old and lives with my sister, Janet, in Bozeman, Montana. Things surely change. I'm 76, his oldest child of eight, and now a retired attorney. I would like to have my feet back in the dirt there on Ditney Ridge."




Jack Dayton, 2822 Rhett Drive, Beavercreek, OH 45434; [email protected], shares this photo of the Courtney boys of Fleming County, Kentucky. The man holding the horses is George Lambert Courtney, Jack's great-grandfather. The other four are George's sons (l-r): Carlton Forrest, born 2/24/1873; Herman Foster, born 9/3/1874; Maurice L., born 7/27/1876; and George H., born 5/3/1881. The photo was taken between 1895 and 1900. DECEMBER 2006/JANUARY 2007 COVER PHOTO.


Rebecca Richardson, 105 Arbee Drive, Nicholasville, KY 40356; 859/885-5562, shares this photo of the funeral of Dolan Martin "Mike" Whitt, taken in Morgan County, Kentucky. Date of photo not given. Back row, l-r: Ballard Whitt, Arnie Whitt, Ova Nickell, and Buddy Smith. Middle row, l-r: Josephine Whitt, William Whitt, Monnie Whitt Nickell, Bonnie Whitt Smith, and Ida Whitt. Front row, l-r: Beatrice Whitt, Mrs. DeBorde, Dolan Martin "Mike" Whitt, Clayton Whitt, Boyd Whitt, Gelina Whitt (Rebecca's mother), and Henry Kuge Whitt.

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