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Dorothy Blevins, 706 Lanham Trace, Corbin, KY 40701, shares this photo which was taken at a coal mine in Clay County during the 1920s. The miners had come outside for dinner break. Dorothy's father, Matt Spurlock, is the first man on the left. It was customary for Dorothy's older sister, Mary, to take her father's dinner bucket to the mine at midday. One day, when Mary was going to meet her father, two men ended their quarrel with a gunfight, shooting and killing each other. Mary's father came along and took her home. The scene stayed with Mary, and she began questioning her mother. She never took her father's dinner bucket to him again. Matt Spurlock was born in Clay County, July 10, 1901. He worked at mines in Clay, Perry, and Harlan counties until 1957. He was the husband of Kitty Hurley and the father of Mary Ethel McGhee Lewis and Dorothy Blevins. He enjoyed watching boxing matches and following baseball. He could always tell something interesting about many of the players. He read newspapers and was current on world events. Perhaps readers can identify the other men.

Lowell F. Spurlock, 739 Cox Road, Independence, KY 41051, shares this photo, taken in the 1920s, of the Mt. Vernon Presbyterian School eighth grade students. L-R: Mrs. Hall (instructor), Lelica Mullins, Brilla Johnson, Gertrude Evans, Effie B. Chastein, Sallie Price, Flora Pitman, Julia Landrum, and Linne Spurlock. Lowell would appreciate any information on Linnie Spurlock, pictured far right, who was born in 1932.





The Bellamy brothers, l-r: John Patton, Jr. (1842-1925); Thomas M. (1845-1915); and William (1848-1921) were the sons of John Patton Bellamy, Sr. (1803-1865), and Margaret J. David (1803-1875). They were born in Scott County, Virginia, in a community called Bellamytown, located on Cooper Creek. On September 15, 1864, William married Catherine France in Scott County, Virginia. William and Catherine had six children in Virginia. The remaining three children were born in Magoffin County, Kentucky, on or near Rock House Creek. They were Samuel, 1865; Benjamin, 1867; Margaret, 1869; Sally, 1871; Rena 1873; Daniel, 1875; Viola, 1877; Frank, 1879; and John, 1881. William and Catherine moved from Magoffin County to Cooks Branch (now HWY 1050) Montgomery County. In the spring of 1921 William rode a train from Means, Kentucky, to Pike County, Ohio, to visit with two of his sons and their families. For this trip he had removed his "winter underwear." By the time he reached his destination he was ill. He was treated by Dr. C. H. Wilson, Piketon, Ohio, but due to bronchial pneumonia, he died April 21, 1921. He was brought by train back to Means where he was buried in the Chambers Cemetery. His stone is engraved with the Union Army information; however, they have his named spelled Bellomy in lieu of Bellamy. A form from the Record and Pension Office, War Department, mentions the two names. Pension records indicate that in October 1864 he enlisted with the Union Army; Co. H, 8th Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry, as a private. He was discharged in the fall of 1865 at Knoxville, Tennessee. On May 15, 1891, he began the applications to be placed on the pension-roll of the United States under the provisions of the Act of June 27, 1890. After the death of William, at age 74, his wife, Catherine, applied for his pension in 1921. Catherine Bellamy died November 1923 and was dropped from the roll, and the last pension payment was at the rate of $30 per month. William and Catherine were the great-grandparents of Patti Lewis Isaacs, 2699 Tanner Court, Lexington, KY 40517; 859/269-9420; [email protected], who shares this photo.

The James Franklin and Mary Craft Reece family gathered for this photo, dressed in their Sunday best at Dorton, Pike County, Kentucky, in 1904. Front row, l-r: John W. Reece (1888-1961), Dorothy Reece Elkins (1904-1996), James Franklin Reece (1867-1906), Mary Craft Reece (1866-1956) and Lillie Reece Spangler (1891-1932). Back row, l-r: Thomas Reece (1896-1914), and Hassell Reece, 1893-1976. Magdalene Sims (daughter of John W. Reece), 2055 Robertstown Road, Kings Mountain, KY 40442, shares this photo with our readers.


Sandi Britton Suggs, 615 Old Tyler Road, Nacogdoches, TX 75963, shares this photo with our readers of her grandparents, William Grover Johnson and Eva Ellen Neely Johnson, taken in 1907 in Pulaski County, Kentucky. William was born 2/2/1886 in Pulaski County. He died 2/9/1969 in Clarendon, Donley County, Texas. He was the son of Martin S. Johnson and Rebecca J. Nicholas and the grandson of Nimrod Johnson and Amanda Garland. Eva was born 12/24/1889 in Pulaski County. She died 2/11/1979 in Texas. She was the daughter of Terril Martin Neely and Margaret Flinn.





Tannya Witter, 7378 Auld Road, Bradford, OH 45308; [email protected], shares this photo of the Coffee School in Knox County, Kentucky. Date of photo not given. In the first row, first child is Elmer Cooper; third child is Beckham Cooper; and seventh child is Dewey Cooper. Second row, second girl is Alice Cooper. Third row, second girl is Nell Cooper. Tannya would like to know the identities of the other children. Feel free to contact her with any information.

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