Things For Sale

Other popular features found in our magazine each month pertain to items that our readers have for sale. These generally appear in our Kentucky Explorer Classified Ads and Kentucky Explorer Book Page, but occasionally are found in Letters To The Editor or other pages, too.

Here are a few things for sale by readers from our November 2006 issue:

20 OLD-TIME SONGS: Sung by Brett Young with electric mandolin, harmonica, and guitar: The Code Of The Mountains, Maple On The Hill; Wildwood Flower; Red Wing; When The Roses Bloom Again; The Eastbound Train; I'll Remember You, Love, In My Prayers; Last Night The Nightingale Woke Me; Beautiful Brown Eyes; My Lorena; The Picture That Is Turned Toward The Wall; Snow Deer; Give My Love To Nell; Greenback Dollar; Little Blossom; I Shall Not Care; Those Brown Eyes I Love So Well; Little Joe; Nobody's Darling On Earth; and If Brother Jack Were Here. You get a one-hour cassette and songbook containing all the words to all the songs for only $15.96, which includes shipping, handling, packaging, and insurance. Mail your check or money order to: Brett Young, P. O. Box KP-3491, Knoxville, TN 37927-3491.

GREENSBURG: Ornaments featuring historic buildings, green line drawings on four-inch pearly white globes. $11 each or $75 for set of seven (shipping included), to benefit municipal heirloom garden. Call: 502/491-5627; or
[email protected]

WANTED: I want to buy Kentucky Explorer magazines, 1986-2000. Call: 270/465-3171. If no answer, leave a message.

BOOK FOR SALE: Entangle Roots II by Hayes Lewis, edited by Glen and Judy Hendrix. It contains 748 pages and is priced at $35, plus $3.50 S/H. The following families are included: Baker, Bowling, Campbell, Clark, Coots, Day, Garrison, Henson, Kilburn, James Lewis Griffon, James Lewis Shepherd, James Lewis Hensen, Thad-deus Lewis, Joseph Lewis, Samuel Lewis, Isaac Lewis, Patsy Lewis, Henry M. Lewis, John Lewis, Loyd Gilbert Lewis, Maggard, Pennington, Roberts, Williams, Madden, and Yates. Pictures of schools of yesteryear are included. To order, contact: Glen and Judy Hendrix, 10451 Cutshin Road, Yeaddis, KY 41777; or Hayes Lewis, P. O. Box 159, Hyden, KY 41749.

FOR SALE: Old quilts, assorted patterns, and hand-stitched with home-grown cotton made between early 1900s-1940s. Good condition. Most never been used. Call: 270/378-6290. Columbia, Adair County, Kentucky, area.

16 OLD-TIME SONGS: Sung by Brett Young with guitar, harmonica, and mandolin-banjo: The Preacher And The Bear; The Cat Came Back; The Old Maid And The Burglar; I Was Born About 4,000 Years Ago; The Little Black Mustache; In The State Of Arkansas; Hannah, Won't You Open That Door?; I Had But Fifty Cents; I Rocked All Our Babies To Sleep; My Double-breasted Mansion On The Square; The All-Go-Hungry Hash House; Does The Spearmint Lose Its Flavor On The Bedpost Overnight?; Well, I Swan; Old Rosin The Beau; The Talking Blues; and more. You get a one-hour cassette and a songbook containing all the words to all the songs for only $15.93. Send your check or money order to: Brett Young, P. O. Box KL-3491, Knoxville, TN 37927-3491.

GOOD NEWS: Your potbelly is not entirely caused by laziness and overeating. In spite of what your doctors have told you over the years, that bay window is primarily the result of stress and infection. This process is explained in a new book, The Potbelly Syndrome: How Common Germs Cause Obesity, Diabetes, and Heart Disease (Basic Health Publications) by Russell Farris and Per Marin, M. D., Ph. D. The Potbelly Syndrome (PBS) explains that potbellies and other common disorders are the result of chronic infections which trigger the release of a stress hormone (cortisol). The main features of PBS are insulin resistance, central obesity, high blood pressure, and type-2 diabetes. The book explains that it is possible to cure these diseases by curing the underlying infections. The PBS book is available at: for $17.95. If you do not have Internet, you may purchase the book at Borders, Barnes and Noble, and other bookstores. You may learn more about the processes involved and order the book by visiting the PBS website:

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