One of the popular features found in The Kentucky Explorer each month is genealogy, often published in the form of letters, queries, photographs, and stories. Several serial features, such as Kentucky Genealogy Help Line, Genealogy From The Long Ago, and Strictly Kentucky Genealogy, are dedicated solely to this purpose and continue from month to month.

Here are some genealogy items from our September 2006 issue:
(From "Kentucky Genealogy Help Line")


John Buckner, the immigrant, came from England before 1667 and settled in Gloucester County, Virginia, where he had a grant of land in that year; and another of 1,000 in 1669, in which his name appears as a head right, showing that he was the immigrant. He had another grant in 1671 in old Rappa-hannock, which included the present counties of Caroline, Essex, etc. His son, Richard, had a son, William. This William had three sons: Richard, Philip, and William. These three sons married three Aylett sisters.
Philip married Jane, and they were the ancestors of Gen. Simon Bolivar Buckner.
Richard married Elizabeth, and they were the ancestors of Col. James F. Buckner of Louisville, Kentucky, and also Judge Richard A. Buckner of Lexington, Kentucky. The descendants of Richard and Elizabeth in detail are as follows: A daughter, married Gen. Stephens; a son, Aylett; and a son, Francis. This Aylett had three sons and a daughter, viz.: Richard A., the father of Judge Richard A. Buckner of Lexington, Kentucky; Thornton; John; and the daughter, married a Gibbons, who went to Missouri in 1832. The third child above, Francis, married Martha Upshur, daughter of Col. James Upshur of the Revolution. They had eight children: Susan, born 1780, died 1837, unmarried; James, born October 17, 1782, in Caroline County, Virginia; George; Richard; Lewis, went to Louisiana; Elizabeth Aylett; Martha; and Mary Amiss. The above James married Lucy Madison Buckner of King William County, Virginia. They had three sons: James Francis, who married Gabriella Lewis Hawkins and had Capt. Lewis Buckner, James F. Buckner (Jr.), and Lucy Madison Buckner (wife of Thomas Speed of Louisville). Another son was Edward Buckner of Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Another son was William Taylor Buckner, also of Hopkinsville. The above George married and had three children: Francis William, born 1809, married Sarah Gordon, lived at Oak Grove, Christian County, Kentucky; George, married Jane Ratcliff, lived in Christian County, Kentucky; and Mary Ann, married Livingston Leavell, lived at Hop-kinsville, Kentucky. Richard Upshur Buckner married and had several children.
Elizabeth Aylett Buckner married first, Henry Garnett of Essex County, Virginia; married second, William Murrell of Christian County, Kentucky. A daughter of the first marriage was Mrs. Hiram Smith of Louisville, Kentucky. Another daughter was the mother of Hon. Henry Burnett of Paducah. A son, Muscoe, lived in Virginia. Of the second marriage she had Sam Murrell of Paducah.
Martha Buckner married John Buckner, her cousin. Of this marriage was Mrs. Stephen Trice, Mrs. Dudley Jeffries, Mrs. Wallace Ware, Mrs. Richardson, and Robert Buckner (married a Miss Ratcliff).
Mary Amiss Buckner married John P. Campbell. They had five sons: Joseph; James Upshur; William; John P., Jr.; and Frank. They also had four daughters: Cornelia, married Hiram Phelps of Hopkinsville; Martha Upshur, married Dr. E. R. Cook of Hopkinsville; Mollie, married Jack Edmunds of Hopkinsville; and Susan, married Hon. Boyd Faulkner of Martins-burg, West Virginia.

Ralph Compton, brother to Levi, came from Virginia or North Carolina, and settled in Christian County, Kentucky, in 1804. He lived there until 1846, then moved to Nodford County, Illinois. Ralph had four sons: Wynne, William, Willis, and Jasper. He had a daughter, Irene Harry, of Watseka, Iroquois County, Illinois.

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