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In addition to historical material gathered by our editor, The Kentucky Explorer is a unique magazine in that many of our articles and stories are submitted by readers, just like you. "Budding" authors have had their first stories published here at absolutely no charge, but the good news is you don't have to be a professional writer to contribute. Our staff is well-trained in editing techniques and can help prepare your story for publication.

Following is a complete list of articles found in the January 2006 issue of The Kentucky Explorer:

Milford Was Once The County Seat Of Madison
Harned Depot Received Its Last Scheduled Train In 1941
How Col. Benjamin Logan Rescued His Friend
The Enjoyment Of Cutting That First Christmas Tree
Green Co. Musicians Brought Fame To Small Towns
Kentucky Legends: They Never Seem To Die
"Preacher Bill" Flanery Was Well-Known In Knott Co.
"I Am Innocent" Was Dying Protestation Of Wm. Neal
Recollections Of The Filming Of The Kentuckian
An Old Letter Relates A Brief History Of Covington
Mt. Gilead Church Sits On Historic Site
A Tale Of John Grigsby's Mill Stones In Breathitt Co.
Jellico Creek's CCCs Enrollees In 1937
John Sumner Died On Smoot Creek In Letcher Co.
Country Boys Filmed In Kentucky, Will Air In January
Beauties of Kentucky's Winter Are Little Observed
Black Star, A Company Town In Harlan County
Generations Of Changes In The Jackson Purchase
"White Plague" Caused Many Deaths In Lexington

Here is an actual, complete story found in our

January 2006

Below are a few basic guidelines to observe when submitting your material:

(1) The material must be written by the submitter and must not be copyrighted. Many of our readers like to submit old newspaper and magazine articles for publication, however we are unable to print them because they fall under copyright protection. A general rule of thumb is: If you clip the story from a newspaper or magazine, it's probably already copyrighted.

(2) Your story must be of general interest and appeal to all Kentuckians;

(3) We do not publish fiction. All stories and articles should be factual;

(4) Please include appropriate photographs and/or illustrations with your story. Since the backlog of material is generally quite large, stories with the best photos and illustrations stand a better chance of being published. We will return your photos by request; and

(5) Stories should be typewritten or done on a computer word processor. If you do not own a typewriter or computer, handwritten or printed stories will also be accepted. If submitting typewritten material, please use double-spaced lines and upper/lower case lettering. Do not use all caps or fancy type fonts!

(6) Keep in mind that we receive a large amount of material to be considered for publication. Just because you send us your story today does not mean it will be published in the next issue. Please be patient in this regard!

The Kentucky Explorer prides itself in the quality of articles and stories found in our magazine each month. The February 2003 issue, in the opinion of the editor, contains one of the best varieties of photos ever to appear in The Explorer. We invite you to view "What's Inside" this month, if you haven't already done so.

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