January 2006


What's inside of the January 2006

Kentucky Explorer!

Page 2 -- Not So Long Ago

Page 3 -- Editor's Message/Table of Contents


Page 4-9, 97-99, 102-103 -- Letters to the Editor

Letters from our readers

Page 51 Kentucky Genealogy Websites: Each month The Kentucky Explorer presents websites related to genealogy in Kentucky for our growing number of readers.

If you have a website you would like listed, please e-mail us at: [email protected]

Page 53-55 Kentucky's 1879 State Gazetteer: A Look At Kentucky Towns And Their Establishments 124 Years Ago

Mayfield, Graves County

Page 56-57 Old Postcard Views

Fayette County Courthouse

"Seven Sisters," Bell County

The Bridge, Franklin County

A view of the Tri-State

Boys' High School, Jefferson County

Scenic view along the Kentucky River

Page 62 Kentucky Genealogy From

Dr. John J. Dickey's 1989 Diary

History and Genealogy Photos

Each month The Kentucky Explorer presents many history and genealogy photos throughout the magazine submitted from our readers.

Page 65-85 I Remember By Our Readers -- From All Over Kentucky

Page 86-87 Strictly Kentucky Genealogy Various materials to aid in Family History Research.

Word Puzzle

Page 88 -- Word Puzzle: Famous Native-Born Kentuckians

Page 89-- Old-Time Recipes To Enjoy Conducted by Darlene Howard

Sweet Potato Bread

Bread Dressing

Roast Turkey

Roast Chicken

Peppers With Macaroni

Fried Potato Balls

Page 90-91 Genealogy From Long Ago

(Old Scrapbook - 1890s)

Napier, Smith, Moss-Woodson, Ewing, Taylor, Steele, Crawford, Young

Page 92-94 Kentucky Genealogy Help Line: Queries are published free up to 50 words as space is available.

McQuinn, Jones-Webb-Pennington, Mullins, Hundley, Oldham, Gray, Mounce/Mounts-White, Walters-McDaniels-Jent, Pemberton-Tungate-Gillmore, Comley, South, Barnett-Fletcher-Lemaster, Gabbard, Skaggs-Lester-Caudill, Barton-Moore-Hart, McNeely/McNealy, King-Chouse, Gabbard-Sebastian, Rigsly, Kinser

Page 95-97 December-January Events to Enjoy

Page 100-101 Readers Share Old Photos

You are invited to submit your treasured old photos. Photos must be of people of Kentucky or places in Kentucky.

Page 105 Kentucky Explorer Book Page Readers are invited to send in their books and other projects to appear on this page, which is a free service.

Books featured this month are: Whisper On The Wind, Archaeology In Middle Green River Region, Middlesborough, Kentucky

Page 106 -- Short Gleanings From Collins's 1878 Historical Sketches Of Kentucky: Little Known & Mostly Forgotten -- From One Of Kentucky's Most Noted History Books.

Bourbon County, Hart County, Lawrence County, Boone County

Songs Kentuckians Were Singing 100 Years Ago

Page 107 -- The Last Rose Of Summer

Page 108-111 Classified Ads Ten Cents Per Word - Minimum $3.00 Per Issue -- Payment Must Accompany All Advertising Copy - Sorry, We Cannot Accept Classified Ads Over The Phone

Page 112 Points of Interest Location Map/Order Form

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