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Happy Pappies In Floyd County

The "Happy Pappies" were the beneficiaries of a 1960s federal assistance project in Eastern Kentucky. The public employment program for unemployed fathers, part of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1965, paid a regular salary and provided basic work experience and training. This photo was taken ca. 1968 in the Morgan County courthouse in West Liberty, Kentucky, where the group was repairing seats and putting paneling on the walls. Congressman Carl D. Perkins was in town that day and stopped by the courtroom to visit with the workers. Jim Phipps was county judge at that time. Astor Barker was the foreman of this group. Some of the workers shown in the photo (not in order) are: Elmer Whitt, Russell Ball, Edd Hager, Everett Johnson, Omer Coffee, Astor Barker, Hubert Wright, Congressman Perkins, ? Adkins, ? Daves, and Floyd Wright. Astor Barker, 490 Drexal Avenue, Lebanon, OH 45036, shares this photo with our readers.

McCreary County

James Giles, also known as James P. Head, and Henry Perry were ready to begin their day's work ca. 1890 in Sawyer, McCreary County, Kentucky. Dr. Gil VanOver, P. O. Box 25, Stearns, KY 42647, shares this photo.


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Van Lear, Johnson County

Van Lear, located southeast of Paintsville in Johnson County, Kentucky, was established by the Consolidated Coal Company in 1909, after it purchased the rights to develop the extremely rich Miller's Creek seam. It was named for company director Van Lear Black. Within ten years Van Lear was the largest town in the county, with a population of more than 4,000.
Country music singer Loretta (Webb) Lynn, known as "The Coal Miner's Daughter," was born at Butcher Holler (a valley northeast of Van Lear) on April 14, 1935, to Melvin and Clara Butcher Webb. Loretta walked several miles a day to attend the one-room Miller's Creek School in Van Lear, where she completed the eighth grade.
West Van Lear is northwest of Van Lear on the Levisa Fork of Big Sandy River. It was also known as Van Lear Junction on the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad. The West Van Lear post office opened in 1909.

Berea High School Basketball Team, 1948-1949,

Berea, Madison County, Kentucky.

Berea High School, now known as Berea Community School, is an independent city-operated 12-year school. The 1949 graduating class had only 21 members. The 1950 Class had only 19 members. A large number of those graduating were college bound. Berea College had a great deal of influence on this as they automatically accepted any student that graduated from the Berea City School. Nine of the 14 pictured received college degrees. Every member of this team served in the Armed Forces. Front row, l-r: Fred Johnson, U. S. Army; Earl Hamilton, US Marine Corp; Johnny Johnson, U. S. Army; Gene Flora, U. S. Air Force; Donald Lamb, U. S. Army; Harold Bowman, U. S. Army; back row, l-r: Jack Dick, U. S. Army;  James Williams, U. S. Army; Jerry Dick, U. S. Navy; John Payne, U. S. Air Force; Lowell McCollum; U. S. Army; Bobby Johnson, U. S. Marine Corp; Jackie Todd, U. S. Army; and Coach Duncan Huey. Fred Johnson, 4532 Graves Drive, Lexington, KY 40515, shares this photo with our readers.

Marilyn Stokes, 1921 Lincoln Avenue, Greenup, KY 41144, shares this photo. L-R: Cynthia Terry, Howard Terry, Sarah Terry (Marilyn's mother), and Hannah Terry (sitting). Photo taken in Greenup County. No date given.


Greenup County






Old-time Wedding

Sherry Reynolds, 1195 Lickskillette Road, Shepherdsville, KY 40165, shares this photo. She writes, "This is a wedding picture of one of the Macelfreshs. I believe that it is my great-grandmother's brother, Cloid, and his wife. Date of photo is unknown. My great-grandparents were Nora Macelfresh (11/1881) and Walter Phillips (7/1881). Nora was the daughter of Jerome Macelfresh and Rebrea Jane Huff. Walter was the son of William Phillips and Susan Armstrong. Nora and Walter had five children in the Casey, Marion, and Boyle county areas." Sherry would like any information on this photo and any family genealogy. Feel free to contact her with any information.



Prater Family Of Salyersville, Magoffin County

The Prater Family Of Salyersville, Magoffin County, Kentucky. This old home is still standing on Lower Maple Street. The Praters gathered for this family photo in 1918. Seated front: Margaret "Aunt Sis" Morton Prater (1862-1945) and Lee C. Prater (1854-1935). Standing are their children, l-r: Sola Prater Salyer (1884-1949), Charlie K. Prater (1900-1984), Wilbur Prater (1887-1932), Etta Prater Howington (1893-1954), Frank L. Prater (1880-1961), Glenn M. Prater (1890-1950), and Lizzie Prater Rowe (1897-1900). Lee C. Prater was a son of Irvin Prater (1828-1882) and Polly Ann Brown. James E. Allen, 447 Kentucky Street, Salyersville, KY 41465, shares this photo with our readers.

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