Letters To The Editor

Each month, The Kentucky Explorer magazine receives literally scores of letters from our faithful readers. Whenever possible, we try to publish as many of them as possible in the 12 pages we have set aside for "Letters to the Editor."

Here are actual letters from October 2005

Memories Of Cutshin Creek
Dear Editor:
Thanks for publishing the memory of Cutshin Creek and Wooton, Leslie County, Kentucky, in the August 2005 issue of The Kentucky Explorer. I would like to share some things that took place after some people read the story.
First, I got a call from a Mr. Williams of Berea, Kentucky, who asked which house I lived in at Saw Branch on Cutshin Creek. When I told him, he said his family moved into the house when we moved to Ohio and that his dad ran the coal mine on Saw Branch after Dad closed it. This mine is where I got my eye put out in 1942.
Next, I got a letter from a granddaughter of Margaret Cornett. We stayed overnight with Mrs. Cornett when the water was too high for the family to get across Cutshin Creek when we lived at Wooton. The granddaughter told me that my mother and father sold a large oak table to her grandmother when we moved from there, and when her grandmother died she got the table and still has it.
Then I got a call from the son of two teachers, Mr. and Mrs. Ace Davidson, who taught many years ago at the Dixon Branch School. He said his mother is still alive and would like to see me and talk about those days in Kentucky and that she lived about one to one-and-a-half hours from where I live. Mrs. (Drucilla) Davidson is now 95 years old and in a nursing home after she broke her hip. What a real joy it was to hear from these people and to know again that The Kentucky Explorer still gets people together, as this has happened several times since I have been a subscriber to the magazine.
On July 9, 2005, I drove to see Mrs. Davidson at the Florence Care Center in Florence, Kentucky, and was glad to be reunited with her. She is now 95 years old and has such a great memory of her former students. I asked her if she remembered me and she said, "I remember all of my kids." She and her husband lived at McIntosh just over the hill from Wooton and not in Hyden, as I thought and stated in my writing. She told me that I was in her class in the fourth grade, and I remember being in her husband's class in the fifth grade. After 67 years it is easy to forget some things.
Thanks for a great magazine.
Joseph Dalton
6501 Germantown Road, #402
Middletown, OH 45042

Interested In Agate Rock
Dear Editor:
I want to thank all the readers who sent buttons and songs that I requested.
People from Kentucky are wonderful.
I recently saw a television show about agate rock. It was reported that this type of rock is found in the creeks of Eastern Kentucky and when the rock is cut it has all different colors.
I would appreciate any information readers have to share.
Bonnie French
2148 Taylor Creek Road
Summerville, KY 42782

More On "Bad" Tom Smith
Dear Editor:
I would like to share some input on where "Bad" Tom Smith is buried.
My grandfather, Phillip Smith, told me what he knew about Tom. He said he was four years old when Tom was hanged in Breathitt County and that he was buried in Knott County near his parents. He said he didn't remember much, but Tom Kelly, the man who married my grandparents, told my grandfather a lot about "Bad" Tom.
My grandfather died about 15 years ago. He was 14 days away from 100 years old. He was a good man.
Gary Smith
[email protected]

Ghost Stories Wanted
Dear Editor:
I am interested in obtaining ghost stories and stories of haunted places and witches in Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia.
Sharon Hackney
415 Bastin Road
Kings Mountain, KY 40442

Thanks For Recipes
Dear Editor:
I want to thank everyone for the nice response to my request for peach pudding recipes. I received several from Kentucky and different states.
Frances W. Boggs
Valley View Apartments
P. O. Box 401
Corbin, KY 40701

Heirs Of Alamander Martin
Dear Editor:
If you descend from Alamander Martin through Nancy, Mahala, Rhoda, Wyatt, or Simpson Martin, I would like to hear from you. It is very important that all heirs are located.
I would also like any information on Mahala Martin who married Wilson Caudill. A photo would also be appreciated.
Norma Hedrick
2791 Senior Road
Morrow, OH 45152