Big Creek Elementary, Clay County

Winston Bowling, 2518 Morgan Road, Murfreesboro, TN 37129; 615/893-2906; [email protected], shares this photo of his cousin's (Edith Bowling) 1961-1962 fifth and sixth grade classes at Big Creek Elementary School, Clay County, Kentucky. First row, l-r: Ruby Smith, Helen Hendrick, and Betty Ann Britton. Second row, l-r: Joyce Allen, Charles Marcum, Brenda Marcum, unknown, and Wanda Swafford. Third row, l-r: Seattie Britton, Esther Collins, Bobby Joe Sparks, Lina Ruth Maggard, and Allan Roberts. Fourth row, l-r: Cecil Mills, a Collins, Carl Smith, Rosa Lee Roberts, and Naomi Hoskins. Fifth row, l-r: unknown, unknown, Phyllis Allen, and Eugene Smallwood. Sixth row, l-r: unknown, Minnie Gray, unknown, and Maxine Gray. Seventh row, l-r Chris Combs, Edith Bowling (teacher), and Bernice Mills. Feel free to contact Winston with the names of the other children.