Tom White, Breathitt County

Edith Davidson Duff, 5493 Paris Pike, Georgetown, KY 40324, shares these photos of Ance White (left) and Tom White (right), possibly brothers. She writes, "Tom White and Curt Jett were tried, convicted, and sent to prison many years ago for murdering J. B. Marcum, a prominent attorney, at the courthouse in Jackson, Breathitt County, Kentucky, on May 4, 1903. I don't know how long they served, but when Tom got out of prison he married my grandmother, Lottie Stidham Davidson. He drew a small pension and each month he spent all his check for alcohol, and Grandma didn't approve. He came in drunk one cold winter night, around midnight, and caught his clothes on fire by being too close to the open grate. Grandma was in bed, and he yelled for her to help him. She got up and poured water on him, putting out the flames, but he was seriously burned. He died in the Veteran's Hospital the next day. His body was returned to Barwick (Breathitt County) for burial. I don't remember much about Ance White, only that he had a large family. My father, Lane Davidson, took and developed these photos." During the J. B. Marcum murder trial many witnesses testified that Curtis Jett and Tom White apparently had a conference just before the shooting. It was told that White came out of the front door, while Jett was seen shortly after the shots, looking cautiously out of the side door and then came out and mingled with the crowd around the wounded man. Later, Jett was visiting his mother in one of the Bluegrass counties (Madison County) and was apprehended there without resistance. White was captured by a detail of soldiers from the 200 troops sent to Jackson to preserve order and to protect witnesses during the trial. White told his captors that if they had been a few minutes later he would have escaped. It was reported that a friend of White's was sent to warn him before the special sheriff was notified of the order for his arrest.