Sipes Family, Across the River From Ky.

Henry Sipes, Jr., 2087 Springs Station Drive, Lexington, KY 40505, shares this photo, taken in 1940, of the Sipes family working in a hayfield in Indiana, across the river from Kentucky. Standing on top of the hay wagon is Henry Sipes, Jr. (son of Henry, Sr.), and John Sipes (father of Henry, Sr.). Standing in beside the wagon are: Gladys Sipes (half-sister to Henry, Sr.), unknown hired hand in background, and Henry Sipes, Sr. Henry, Sr., moved to Winchester, Clark County, Kentucky, in 1925. He had a third grade education and became a self-educated man. He became a general contractor in 1949. He was very well-known throughout Kentucky for building factories, commercial buildings, public schools, and churches. His business was passed to his son, Henry, Jr., and then to his son, Robert J. Sipes. Henry, Sr., married Rosa Lee Clem on March 10, 1926, and they had four children: Louise Sparks, Henry (Jr.), Robert Lee (deceased), and Kenneth Ray.