Reader Queries

Each month, The Kentucky Explorer magazine receives literally scores of letters from our faithful readers. Among those letters we often find queries, ranging from requests for words to songs and poems to trying to locate former classmates and military buddies of long ago.

Here are a few queries from June 2005

Disabled Vet Enjoys History
Dear Editor:
I really enjoy The Kentucky Explorer. I am a disabled Vietnam veteran who doesn't get around much anymore.
I am a history buff, and I have read some good material in the magazine. I study the Civil War, Black history, old town scenes, etc. It may seem odd that a white boy growing up in Grayson County really enjoys reading about Black history.
I have traced my family tree back to Germany/Ireland. My descendants landed in Barbados and worked seven years to get passage to New York.
Larry Decker
1114 S. 4th St., #1609
Louisville, KY 40203

Wants Old-Time Yellow
Tomato Seeds
Dear Editor:
I'm a new subscriber of The Kentucky Explorer. I also ordered the back issues, and I have read them alot.
I would like to know if anyone has old-time yellow tomato seeds, the ones with the pink center. When I was a kid we used to raise these tomatoes. I'm 82 years old now.
I would appreciate any help.
Gladys L. Burden
P. O. Box 105
Millersburg, KY 40348

Another Version Of
Two Little Children

Dear Editor:
On page 102 of the April 2005 issue of The Kentucky Explorer a reader, Lee Reardon, writes to request the words to a song Two Little Children. I have no idea how old this song is, and the only person I ever heard sing it was my mother, who was born in 1901. My older brother and sister, who are now deceased, agreed with me that they had never heard it anywhere else. I know all the words as they were told to me. They differ only slightly from Lee Reardon's version.
Two Little Children
Two little children, a girl and a boy, sat by an old church door. The little girl's feet were as brown as the curls that fell on the dress that she wore. The little boy's clothes were all tattered and torn, tears shown in his blue eyes. "Why don't you go home to your Mama?" I said and this was the maiden's reply: "Mama's in heaven, they took her away. Left Jim and I all alone. We came here to rest at the close of the day, for we have no Mama at home. Papa got drowned on the sea long ago. We waited all night on the shore. He was a life-saving captain, you know, and he never came back anymore." The sexton came early to ring the church bell. He found them beneath the snow white. Two little children, a girl and a boy, had gone to meet Mama that night.
My mother knew many poems, songs, and stories. I would really like to know if anyone knows the words to a poem that begins, "I am a little kitten and my name is Tabby Gray. I live in a farmhouse, some 20 miles away." Later in the poem I recall the words, "The milk comes rich and foaming, fresh from the good old cow and after I have lapped it, I frolic, you know how."
Virginia Barlett Long
206 Aberdeen Drive
Lexington, KY 40517
[email protected]

Wants Sheet Music To Song
Dear Editor:
I grew up in Hueysville, Floyd County, Kentucky. We attended various Holiness churches in the area. My mother's stepbrother used to sing the song, Deep Water or Wading Through Deep Water. I have always liked this song. I have been trying to find the sheet music for it.
If anyone would share a copy, it would be appreciated.
This song brings back childhood memories of attending church with my family.
Joyce Shepherd
6060 S. 800 E., Lot 20
Lafontaine, IN 46940