Haddix Grade School, Breathitt County, 1944

Haddix Grade School, Breathitt County, Kentucky, 1944. Fifth to eighth grade students, l-r: Reed Thomas, Hoy Napier, Teet McIntosh, Nathan Russell, Raymond Thorph, Hayden Cope, and Kash Russell. Second row, l-r: Juanita Gross, Stewart Keith, Charles Keith, Ollie James Gregory, Johney Sturlock, and Jim Tom Haddix. Third row, l-r: Clara Watts, Retia Campbell, unknown, unknown, Sally Richardson, unknown, and unknown. Fourth row, l-r: Unknown, Audrey Strong, unknown, unknown, Mahally Haddix, and Miss Cassanger (teacher). Reed Thomas, 3517 Pepperwood Plaza, Lexington, KY 40503, shares this photo with our readers.