"I Remember"


Every reader of The Kentucky Explorer, no doubt, has a special memory. Why not write it down and share it here in this column? Help preserve the story of our vanishing past for today and tomorrow. We need memories and photographs from every part of Kentucky and beyond.

When submitting your "I Remember" stories, please include any photographs or illustrations, if you have them. Though not a requirement, photos do add a lot of appeal to your story.

Here is a list of a few of the "I Remembers" found in our

March 2005 issue:

Alma and Cindy

Christopher Slone In Air Force

Experiences In Breckinridge County

Flour On The Table

Mom, Dad, and I

Down In The Bottom

Home To The Hills Of Leslie County

The Wooton Pirates

Uncle Billy

Old Kentucky Home

Growing Up In Eastern Kentucky

Memories Of Grandmother

My First Train Ride

The Sheds

Brother Grantier

Bell County

The House At The Foot Of The Hill

Blue Diamond

These are the titles of the "I Remembers" in this month's issue. Subscribe today and read them all.

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