Civil League Of Barbourville, Knox County

Civil League of Barbourville, Knox County, Kentucky, ca. 1905. One of the League's many projects was that of beautification. Front row, l-r: Mrs. S. H. Jones, Mrs. J. F. Catron, Mrs. J. D. Black, Mrs. W. W. Tinsley, Mrs. W. B. Anderson, Mrs. Sol Steele, and Mrs. H. C. Faulkner. Second row, l-r: Mrs. J. H. Lawson, Mrs. John W. Hughes, Mrs. Flem D. Sampson, Mrs. A. W. Hopper, Mrs. R. W. Cole, and Mrs. R. M. Stansberry. Third row, l-r: Mrs. J. Leonard Davis, Mrs. A. J. Croley, unknown, and Mrs. W. F. Costello. Fourth row, l-r: Mrs. J. T. Beddow, Mrs. J. R. Tuggle, Mrs. Carrie Dickenson, Mrs. John Tinsley, Mrs. A. M. Herndon, and Mrs. W. Burnside. Hazel McCormick, Harland Hills, 1005 Tanbark Road 320, Lexington, KY 40515, shares this photo with our readers.