Big Jim And His Jim Dandies

Emery Higginbotham, 2301 Harrison Avenue, St. Albans, WV 25177, shares this photo and writes, "I played with this group in the late 1940s on Radio Station WCMI in Ashland, Boyd County, Kentucky. We used the name Big Jim and His Jim Dandies. Except for the bass player, we were from Boone County, West Virginia. The bass man, Junior Curry, was a true Ashlander. I had lived in Ashland a couple of times before but went back to the mines about four times, before breaking away. I liked coal mining almost as much as music. The four of us had played together for a time. We were good and played all types of music. For about two years we had three steady gigs on Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoon. Of course, we played at schools and theaters around the area but never wandered too far from Ashland. If we had to be away and we couldn't make the next morning radio show, we recorded the session. Every musician really enjoyed playing during the good old days of radio. I tried television and still play some music for pay. Pictured, l-r: Bass, Junior Curry; leader and great singer, Jim Hollandsworth; champion guitar player, Ken Cook; best mandolin player ever, Eldon Allen; and Emery Eugene "Gene" Higginbotham."