Fleming Family In Letcher Co., ca. 1944

Clarence Fleming, 62 Lakeview Lane, Clarkson, KY 42726-8414, shares this photo of the Fleming family taken at Potter's Fork in Hemphill, Letcher County, Kentucky. L-R: George Harrison Fleming, holding a grandson, Duff Fleming; Alfred Fleming; JoAnn Craig Yummer; Elmer Fleming; Orville Fleming, holding his daughter, Imogene; Jeanette Burke Fleming (Orville's wife), holding daughter, Joyce Ann; Mellie Johnson Fleming; and Myrtle Stewart Fleming. George Harrison Fleming and Myrtle Stewart had four sons: Clarence (not pictured), Orville, Alfred, and Elmer. Clarence was married to Mellie Johnson and was in the Army, stationed at the Panama Canal at the time this photo was taken, ca. 1944. George and Clarence worked for Consolidated Coal Company. George and Myrtle and Clarence and Mellie lived in Pike County, Kentucky.