Section Gang, Butterfly area of Typo,

Perry County, Kentucky

This picture was taken before 1930 of a section gang that worked in the Butterfly area (Typo) in Perry County, Kentucky. In 1930 some of these individuals were involved in the wreck of their motorcar which injured all of them; two severely. Jim Colwell suffered an injury which was undetected and eventually led to a collapsed lung and its removal. Bradley Colwell suffered a leg injury, which kept him on a cane for the remainder of his life. Pictured from l-r: Ruben Colwell, Estes Colwell, Dewey Campbell, Bradley Colwell, Elmer Colwell, Adam Colwell, Jim Colwell (in front), Chestere Colwell, unknown, Jess Campbell, unknown, Willie Colwell, and Malcomb Campbell (section foreman). Ruben, Adam, Jim, and Willie were brothers. They were sons of Samuel Colwell and grandsons of Henderson Colwell and Catherine Morris. Ruben was the father of Anna Lee Colwell, wife of Wallace McIntosh. Jim Colwell was the husband of Viola McIntosh. Willie Colwell was the husband of Pairlee Colwell, daughter of John Colwell, and grandaughter of Henderson Colwell and Catherine Morris. Estes Colwell was the son of John Colwell, grandson of Henderson Colwell and Catherine Morris. He was married to Myrtle Colwell. Estes was also the brother of Marshall Colwell who was married to Mae McIntosh. Chester and Bradley Colwell were the sons of Henderson Colwell by his second wife, Rebecca Wooton. David R. Caudill, 3382 Clover Road, Bethel, OH 45106; [email protected], shares this photo with our readers.