Ballinger Family of Black Star, Kentucky, 1922

Glen Ballinger, 2985 W. Elkton Road, Hamilton, OH 45011, shares this photo with our readers. Standing are the Ballinger cousins, l-r: Hugh, William Herbert (Herb), Grace (later married Russell Day), Green David (Little Green), William (Bill), Robert, and Mary Delora Burnett Ballinger (Robert's wife). Seated are William Fultz and his wife, Lona Hansard Ballinger Fultz. Hugh, Herb, Little Green, and Robert are the sons of Mrs. Fultz and her first husband, Arch Ballinger. Grace and Bill are the children of Arch's brother Green Granison Ballinger and his wife, Carrie Blair Ballinger. Arch and Green were half-brothers to Glen's father, John Lee Ballinger. On the back of the photo the inscription reads, "Made at Black Star, Kentucky, in 1922."