The Seven Gables Hotel, Burnside, Pulaski County, Kentucky, ca. 1900

The Seven Gables Hotel, Burnside, Pulaski County, Kentucky. Bobby G. Mauney, 209 Jasper Lane, Mt. Washington, KY 40047; [email protected], shares this photo and writes, "The Seven Gables Hotel was once located in the old lower part of Burnside, Kentucky, which is now covered by Cumberland Lake. This photo was taken ca. 1900, and Burnside, at that time, was very fortunate to have a steamboat landing close to the Southern Railroad. Because of heavy river and railroad traffic the original Seven Gables Hotel was a favorite place for travelers to stay. My mother, Mollie Nunn Mauney, who grew up in old Burnside, said it was a very elegant hotel with a good restaurant. The building was a wooden structure and partially burned, but the left side (the last three gables) of the hotel was saved and converted into two apartments. I lived there with my parents, Earl and Mollie Mauney, in the upstairs apartment during the 1940s. The building was very old, and I remember one night during the winter our Warm Morning stove almost fell through the floor. Bill (my mom's cousin) and Alene Alcorn lived in the apartment below. They woke up surprised to find a stove halfway through their ceiling. Burnside was a very good town in which to spend one's childhood."