Zion Elementary School, Grades 1st - 3rd, Henderson County

Zion Elementary School, Grades First Through Third, Henderson County, Kentucky, 1946-1947. Jessie F. and Izetta P. Parrish were the teachers. The school was torn down in August 1985 and the site was used as a parking lot for the Zion Baptist Church for several years. It is now the site of the sanctuary of the church. Bottom row, l-r: Tommy Holloman, Josephine Henderson, Jimmy Williams, Nancy Hatfield, Patricia Henderson, unknown, Wanda Rodgers, and Rebecca Wilkerson. Second row, l-r: Larry Parrish, Martha Bennett, Shirley Klaffer, Betty Newman, Alice Ann Crafton, Gary Haynes, and Mary Rose Stallings. Third row, l-r: Greta Bunch, Nola Louise Williams, Mary Carolyn Moss, Arliss Poole, and Johnny Hatfield. Fourth row, l-r: Jean Newman, Larry Hatfield, Jimmy Sugg, Jerry Fruit, and Johnny Rodgers. Fifth row, l-r: Jessie Parrish and Izetta P. Parrish. John L. Rodgers, M. D., [email protected], shares this photo with our readers.