Lottie Cornett Caldwell and Alma Cornett Morgan

Fannie Mae Helton, 6110 West Laurel Road, London, KY 40744, shares this photo of her mother, Lottie Cornett Caldwell. Lottie was born February 15, 1906, and died February 7, 2001, in Texas. Also pictured is Fannie's aunt, Alma Cornett Morgan, who was born December 13, 1903, and passed away January 14, 1998, in Leslie County, Kentucky. These ladies were the daughters of Granville and Sarah Adams Cornett. They were reared in the head of Camp Creek in Leslie County, Kentucky, along with nine other children: Charlie, Malcolm, Cordelia, Abbey, Robert, Cora and Alice (twins), Leonard, and Mae. Leonard was killed in Italy, and his name is on the monument in front of the Leslie County courthouse. Mae Fields is the only survivor in the family, and she is in the nursing home in Cumberland, Kentucky. She receives mail at 19101 N. US HWY 119, Cumberland, KY 40823. Lottie married John Caldwell and had nine children: Elmer, Marybelle, Fannie Mae, Homer, Enoch, Alice, Sam, Sarah, and Joyce. All are still living, except Homer, who was killed in a car wreck in Brookville, Indiana. Elmer is in the Harlan Nursing Home, US HWY 421, Harlan, KY 40831. Alma married Shafter Morgan and had 12 children: Damon; Clifton; Patrick; Eugene; Norman; Lester; Carlas; Shafter, Jr.; Eula; Effie; Hazel; and Marie.