September 2004 Contents

COMPLETE CONTENTS of the September 2004

Kentucky Explorer!

Page 2 -- Along A Kentucky Highway - Highway U. S. 25 - The Dixie Highway

Page 3 -- Editor's Message/Table of Contents

Page 4-9, 98-99, 102-104 -- Letters to the Editor

Would Like Sheet Music And Words To Songs

Fish Trap School

L&N Signal Gang

Searching For Info. On Trip From N. C. To Boonesborough

Wanted Info. On Holland Brothers

Reunion Successful

Regarding Graves County Mystery Photo

More Info. On Blackey Elementary School

Wants Bean Seeds

Collecting Ghost Stories

A Word Of Thanks

Old Remedies

My Kentucky Home

Proud To Be A Kentuckian

More Found On Family Roots

Need Info. On Celia Cornett

Wants To Know More About Floyd Collins

Couple Identified As Eventine And Easter Reeves

Wants Info. On Governor Sampson And His Daughter

There Must Be A Great Story About Daviess County Lady

Wants Info. On Frozen Creek, Breathitt County

Interested In Clinton, Adair, And Cumberland Counties

Breastworks Hill, Bell County

Searching For Relative

Info. On Boldman And Harold

Harlan County Native

Would Like Eight-Row Corn

Wants Info. On Short Mountain

Searching For Former Co-worker

Reed R. Brewer Passes Away

More On Norton Branch School Photo

Fraleys Of Hardin County

Shares Genealogy Info.

Lee Sexton Featured

Wants Info. On Tom Baker

Article Was A Disappointment

Found Article Obnoxious


Page 10 -11 -- The Old Art Of Blacksmithing

PHOTOS: Barnetts/Salem Blacksmith Shop/Eight-mule hitch

Page 12-14 -- Milling Company Thrived When Smithfield Was A "Boom Town"

PHOTOS: Smithfield Roller Mills/Our Best Restaurant

Page 15-16 -- "Wild West" Atmosphere Witnessed At Curtis Jett Trial In Jackson

PHOTO: Curtis Jett

Page 17-20 -- Part II Of Two Parts: Isaac Huff Recalls Crimes And Disasters In Harlan County

PHOTOS: Isaac Huff/James Madison Huff and Mary Jane Crider Huff/Children at schoolhouse/Isaac Andrew Huff/L&N Railroad

Page 21-22 -- Old Louisville Amphitheater Auditorium Held Lavish Shows

PHOTO: Fourth Avenue in Louisville/View of Central Park

Page 23-26 -- Kentuckian Emilie Todd Helm: "Little Sister" Caused Quite A Stir At The White House In 1863

PHOTOS: Emilie Todd Helm

Page 27-30 -- Simon Kenton And Many Early Pioneers Were Of Celtic Descent

PHOTOS: Old sketch of Daniel Boone

Page 31-32 -- Old Home Remedies Were Once A Very "General Practice"

Page 33 - Mechanized Burley Tobacco Housing Attracted National Attention In 1964

PHOTOS: Burley tobacco crop/Rice Wills/Mechanized method of housing tobacco on Grasmere Farm in Fayette County.

Page 35 -- Crowd Gathered At Harrodsburg Track For Bicycle Races In 1893

PHOTO: River scene in Harrodsburg.

Page 37-40 -- Part II Of Two Parts: Governor Combs To Be Honored Wit Memorial In Powell County.

PHOTOS: Governor Bert T. Combs/Joe Bowen and Governor Bert T. Combs/ Bert T. Combs and Sara Walter

Page 41 -- Harry M. Pinson Was Mammoth Cave's Resident Photographer

PHOTOS: Mammoth Cave Advertising Car

Page 42-44 -- Kentucky Was Scene Of Famous 1806 Jackson-Dickinson Duel

PHOTOS: "Old Hickory" Andrew Jackson/Dueling pistols

Page 45-46 -- Two Armies Crossed Paths At The Mouth Of Wallins Creek

PHOTOS: Mounted Infantryman

Page 47 -- The Kentucky Bar In The 1850s

PHOTOS: John J. Crittenden

Page 48-49 -- Down The Backroads: Grandpa Was Almost Always Busy When He Sat On The Porch

PHOTOS: A Family Sketch

Page 58 -- Hopewell United Methodist Church Going Strong After 151 Years

PHOTOS: Reverend Willis Cooper/Hopewell United Methodist Church/Mary Martin and Connie Conley.

Page 60 -- Veteran Tells Of Happenings Not Often Thought Of A Part Of War

Page 62 -- Short Gleanings From Collins's 1878 Historical Sketches Of Kentucky: Little Known & Mostly Forgotten -- From One Of Kentucky's Most Noted History Books.

Warren County, Carter County, Greenup County, Owsley County, Washington County, Fleming County, Bourbon County, and Jefferson County.


Page 64 -- Kentucky Explorer Book Page: Readers are invited to send in their books and other projects (pertaining to Kentucky) to appear on this page.

Owens Family History

Books By Robert Stephens

A Trip To Beaver Creek


Page 65 -- My Favorite Place To Visit In Dear Old Kentucky Readers are invited to share, in 300 words or less, their favorite place to visit in Kentucky.

Wooton, Kentucky by Betty Ward, Sacramento, Kentucky


Page 66 -- Old-Time Recipes To Enjoy Conducted by Darlene Howard

Pickle Pepper Hash

Minced Cabbage

Apple Cookies

Cabinet Pudding

Beef Loaf

Macaroni With Corn

Other Photos

Page 4-- White family.

Page 5 -- Dudley (Perry County) Basketball Team - 1943-1944.

Page 6 -- William Brewer (Civil War veteran) and Mary Polly Neeley.

Page 7 -- Salyersville High School Band, 1936-1937.

Page 8 -- Wilburn Tenant ad Margaret Angel Holt.

Page 9 -- Johnson family members.

Page 14 -- Gosney Groceries, Grayson, Carter County.

Page 16 -- Mystery Photos: Wagers Store, Wagersville, Estill County.

Page 25 -- Railroad Bridge over Lake Cumberland.

Page 26 -- Pistol Packin' Women? Nannie McFarland Flint Brown and Daisy Risner, Magoffin County.

Page 29 -- William Morgan Click and Candace Baker family, Sandy Hook, Elliott County.

Page 32 -- Oliver George Daniel Thurman and daughter, Lucy Best Thurman, 1880s.

Page 40 -- House built by William H. Reynolds, ca. 1910, Greenville, Muhlenberg County.

Page 44 -- Kentucky Utilities Ice Department 1929, Middlesboro, Bell County.

Page 51 -- Chi Chi Dean, Kentucky Explorer Guard Duty.

Page 62 -- Oldham family in Cherokee Park, Louisville, 1938.

Page 63 -- White family members, 1953, Burtonville, Lewis County.

Page 64 -- Wilson Reunion, Helton, Leslie County, 1985.

Page 66 -- Phelps family, 1862.

Page 68 -- Hilza and Eli Tackett, Pike County.

Page 69 -- Lewis family/May Crawford, Bell County/Vina Riddle and Hennie Holbrook, 1920s, Neon, Letcher County.

Page 70 -- McDaniel family members, 1905, Carter County.

Page 72 -- Crayne School, Crittenden County, Kentucky, ca. 1932/Friend inside store owned by Bobby and Faye Gilbert, 1957, Greenup County.

Page 74 -- Willie Miller and unknown friend, Breathitt County, 1943.

Page 75 -- Douglas E. Asher and Jerry R. Asher, Pine Mountain, Harlan County.

Page 76 -- 1951-52 Owsley County High School Basketball Team

Page 77 -- Dennis Lee Sims, 1951, Lincoln County.

Page 78 -- Judge Robert Alexander Early, Corbin, Whitley County.

Page 80 -- Geneva Wilks Harrison and Charles Harold Harrison, Louisa, Lawrence County.

Page 81 -- Alma Gibson Parrigin, Green County.

Page 82 -- Berthenia Holmes Brewer, 1920, Harlan County.

Page 83 -- Milton Gray, Myrtle Gray, and Edith Gray; 1918, Clay County.

Page 84 -- Cox family members and others in Madison County.

Page 85 -- Susan Ann Earls Scott, before 1882.

Page 86 -- Royse and Hargett families at Ringo's Mill, Fleming County, ca. 1900.

Page 87 -- Carl Napier, 1917, Cawood, Harlan County.

Page 89 -- Robards family taken in 1911, Henderson, Henderson County.

Page 90 -- James Allen Creech hauling hay, 1930s in Elliott County.

Page 91 -- T. J. Sizemore and other family members, ca. 1943 at Town Branch across the river from Prestonsburg, Floyd County.

Page 92 -- George and Phene Osborne, 1938, Floyd County.

Page 94 -- Nancy Alexander McLeod, 1875, Bourbon County.

Page 95 -- Mount Eagle School, ca. 1932, Lee County.

Page 96 -- Fyffe family, 1940s in Morgan County.

Page 98 -- Students at Millersburg Military Institute, Bourbon County, mid-1930s.

Page 99 -- The Helton boys and cousins, possibly around 1862.

Page 102 -- Pollard Baptist Church congregation, Ashland, Boyd County.

Page 104 -- Baptism in Brush Green, Green County, 1938.

Page 105 -- Scout troop in Belfry, Pike County, between 1920-27.

Page 106 -- Lewis Morgan, Perry County.

Page 107 -- Elementary raining School, Richmond, Madison County, 1930.

Page 108 -- Coffey, Thompson, Robins, and Singleton family members on Singleton Mountain, Rockcastle County, 1941.

Page 110 -- Bertha Williams family, Floyd County, 1950/Earl Castle, Floyd County.

Other Features

Page 16 -- Sketches of Kentucky's Great Outdoors: Doves Over Kentucky

Page 61 -- Thoughts To Ponder From The Kentucky Philosopher

Page 30 -- Kentucky Roadside History Markers - They Tell The Story Of Our State: John W. I. Goodman; Moses Steep

Page 52 -- Wise And Otherwise

Page 67 -- Word Puzzle: Leading Nicholas County Men

Page 71 -- Songs Kentuckians Were Singing 100 Years Ago: My Old Kentucky Home

Page 53-54 Kentucky's 1879 State Gazetteer: A Look At Kentucky Towns And Their Establishments 124 Years Ago

Cleveland, Fayette County

Clay, Webster County

Daysville, Todd County

Deer Creek, Carter County

Arlington, Hopkins County

Clay pool, Warren County

Lowell, Gerard County.

McPherson, Letcher County.

Marine, Lewis County

PHOTOS: Russellville, Logan County; Main Street in Greenville, Muhlenberg County; Sonora, Harden County, Kentucky.

Page 51 Kentucky Genealogy Website: Each month The Kentucky Explorer presents website related to genealogy in Kentucky for our growing number of readers who use computers and the Internet.

Metcalf County Genealogical Site

Gerard County, Kentucky

West-Central Kentucky Family Research Association

Barren County, Kentucky, Military Hall of Fame

Nathan Stubble field

The Wilderness Road

Webster County Biographies

Guide To Kentucky Genealogy

If you have a website you would like listed, please e-mail us at: [email protected]

Page 56-57 Readers Share Postcard Views ca. 1910

Union Station Railroad Depot, Louisville, Jefferson County.

Central Park, Ashland, Boyd County.

Irvington, Breckinridge County.

Ashland National Bank, Boyd County.

Bowling Green, Warren County.

Main Street, Shelbyville, Shelby County.

Page 68-72 Kentucky Genealogy Help Line: Queries are published free up to 50 words as space is available.





Fletcher Cemetery















Page 73-74 Family Reunions & Other Special Announcements

Readers Are Invited To Send In Announcements For This Column. It's Free.

Page 75-95 I Remember By Our Readers -- From All Over Kentucky

Remembering Judge Early - Corbin, Kentucky

Life In Metcalf County

My Storehouse Memories

Newlyweds And The 1937 Flood

Glen Maynard, Woodcarver

Cobb Hill School

Early Television

Harvest Time

The Love Of The Game

Memories Of Little Red

Page 96-97 Strictly Kentucky Genealogy Various materials to aid in Family History Research.


Page 100-101 Readers Share Old Photos

The Logan "Bud" and Susan "Sis" Hoskins Family - Perry County, 1948

Adair County High School Basketball Team and Cheerleaders - 1954

Buckhorn (Knott County) Primitive Baptist Church on Ball Creek

Old house at Travellers Rest in Owsley County, which was built in 1893

Page 105 September Events To Enjoy

Page 106-111 Classified Ads Ten Cents Per Word - Minimum $3.00 Per Issue -- Payment Must Accompany All Advertising Copy - Sorry, We Cannot Accept Classified Ads Over The Phone

Page 112 Points of Interest Location Map/Order Form


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