Eight-Mule Hitch in Crittenden County


This eight-mule hitch, belonging to Henry Moore of Crittenden County, Kentucky, pulled a steam boiler and other machinery used for wheat thrashing. The man at the extreme right is thought to be Henry Moore, the others are unknown. The photo was made in Salem in 1911-1912 in front of the first Salem Bank, which opened in January 1903. The telephone office was housed on the second floor, which opened in 1911. The telephone line to the upper floor is evident in the picture. Felix G. Cox and son operated the hardware store next door to the bank. Shortly after this photo was taken Henry Moore and his brother-in-law, Thomas H. Carter, who were both morticians, purchased the hardware from Mr. Cox and operated an undertaking business, along with the hardware store, for a short period. Henry Moore (1872-1946) and wife, Lelia Carter, were the grandparents of Salem resident, John Weaver, who supplied this photo.