Buckhorn Primitive Baptist Church

Jim Godsey, 10 Woodbrook Court, Fairfield, Ohio 45014; 513-829-9833; [email protected], shares this photo with our readers. He writes, "I found this picture of the members of the Buckhorn (Knott County, Kentucky) Primitive Baptist Church on Ball Creek, among the belongs of my mother, Elizabeth Godsey. There are several familiar faces, but I cannot put a name to them, other than my aunt, Sarah Ritchie. She is standing directly in front of the left window. My mother's memory is not so good anymore, but she did recall Ervin Messer, Dave Shepherd, and Willie Weaver. I can't place them, since it has been so long since I last saw them. I was around them all during my youth. My grandparents, James and Margaret Walters, were members of a Primitive Baptist Church, as well as my parents, Drew and Elizabeth Godsey, years later. A very familiar name, Herma Ritchie, was written on the back of this photo. I would like help from any reader who could identify anyone in the group. I could then mention the names to my mother. She is in a retirement home and is still the only one there who doesn't require physical assistance at age 94."