July/August 2004


COMPLETE CONTENTS of the July/August 2004

Kentucky Explorer!

Page 2 -- Along A Kentucky Highway - Highway U. S. 25 - The Dixie Highway

Page 3 -- Editor's Message/Table of Contents

Page 4-9, 98-99, 102-105 -- Letters to the Editor

Lye Soap Recipe Wanted

Who Are The Craftsmen?

More On Old Salem Church And Preacher Photos

Regarding Five Fawn Rocks

Interested In Springtime Winters In Kentucky

19 Grandchildren Served In Armed Forces

Kentucky Explorer Magazines Available

Books Available; Info. Needed

Where Is The Board That Once Stood At Blue Diamond?

Needs Quilt Patterns

Thanks For Info. On Sloans Valley And Burnside

Looking For Words To Song

Arkansas Native Enjoys The Explorer

Searching For Info. On Brother And Song Book

Cline Was Sheriff During Hatfield-McCoy Feud

Searching For Woodson Family Relations

Old Cookbooks Wanted

Wants Irish Moss Plant

Seeds Wanted

Websites For Seeds

Carter Elementary School

Items Wanted

Looking For White Cucumber Seeds

Pictorial History Of McCreary County To Be Printed

Letcher County Native Enjoyed Collier Story

Thanks For Tomato Seeds

Bean Seeds Wanted

Cousins Connected

More On Craft School At Dan, Kentucky

Breckinridge, Green County Roots




Page 10-11 -- Poker Flat Earned Its Reputation In Letcher County In The 1930s

PHOTOS: Poker Flats

Page 12-13 -- Citizens Of Louisville United To Observe July 4th In 1868

PHOTOS: Louisville area.

Page 14-19 -- Headless Body of Pearl Bryan Found In Remote Area Of Fort Thomas

PHOTOS: Pearl Bryan/Scott Jackson/Alonzo Walling/The Gallows

Page 20-21 -- Banjo History Exhibit On Display At Kentucky Music Hall Of Fame

PHOTO: Banjo Exhibit On Display

Page 22-25 -- Part I Of Two Parts: Bert T. Combs Had Progressive Administration As Governor

PHOTO: Bert T. Combs/Bert T. Combs with political figures of Powell County/Gov. Combs with citizens of Powell County.

Page 26-27 -- Confederate Home Veterans Were Heroic During Fire Of 1920

PHOTO: Confederate Home at Pewee Valley, Oldham County.

Page 28-31-- Hardin Families Were Among Early Settlers In Kentucky

PHOTOS: May/Audie Hardin and Ernie Boyd

Page 32-35 -- Nathan B. Stubblefield Of Murray Deemed The Real Father Of Radio

PHOTOS: Nathan B. Stubblefield/Stubblefield and his son/Stubblefield at Belmont Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Page 36-37 - A Trip To Columbia And Back Via A Chrysler Six In 1935

PHOTOS: Area photos.

Page 38-39 - Old Fireside Tales Describe Events In Breathitt County.

PHOTOS: Old sketch.

Page 40-44 -- Part I Of Two Parts: A Look At The City Of Harlan Through Memories Of Isaac Huff

PHOTOS: City of Harlan/Two Harlan County gentlemen/College Graduation Class in Harlan County, 1915

Page 45-46 -- Tidbits Of Kentucky Folklore: "Old House" Places In Kentucky Are Remnants Of A Former Time

PHOTOS: Mountain home near Buckhorn, Perry County, 1940s/Hand-hewn log house near Jackson, Breathitt County.

Page 47-48 -- McGarvey And Beck Swore To Stand By Each Other At All Times

PHOTOS: James B. Beck/J. W. McGarvey

Page 49-50 -- Down The Backroads: Beating The Heat Before The Days Of Air Conditioning

PHOTOS: Old Sketch/Picnic at the Shelbyville Fair in Shelby County in August 1940.

Page 52 -- Honoring Older Kentuckians: Helen Gearheart Hall To Celebrate 92nd Birthday

PHOTOS: Helen Gearheart Hall and the Hall Family.

Page 58 -- McRoberts Families To Gather For Reunion In Letcher County.

PHOTOS: McRoberts Missionary Baptist Church.

Page 59-61 -- A Visit To The Old Sandidge Cemetery In Western Lincoln County.

PHOTOS: Gravestone of Larkin Sandidge.

Page 62-63 -- Short Gleanings From Collins's 1878 Historical Sketches Of Kentucky: Little Known & Mostly Forgotten -- From One Of Kentucky's Most Noted History Books.

Kentucky counties featured: Barren, Estill, Harrison, Kenton, Lyon, Christian, McLean.

Page 64 -- Kentucky Explorer Book Page

Books featured: Searching Genealogy, A Woman's Journey, Scottish Ancestry, A Kentucky Mountain Story, Prewitt Family, Wolfe County Genealogy.

Page 65 -- My Favorite Place To Visit In Dear Old Kentucky:

This is a new column that we hope will be a success. In 300 words or less, you are invited to share with our readers your favorite place to visit in Kentucky. Please give reasons, directions, and photos (if possible). Let us hear from you soon. Thanks!

Grand Rivers, Livingston County. With photos

Page 66 -- Old-Time Recipes To Enjoy Conducted by Darlene Howard

Creamed Corn/Macaroni Croquettes/White Bread/Chicken Fillets/Angel Food Cake/Bottled Apple Juice

Readers' Photos

Page 4-- Adam Elliott a former slave.

Page 5 -- Railroad workers, possibly C&O, located near the community of Aden (which no longer exists) in Carter County.

Page 6 - Red River Gorge winter scenes.

Page 7 -- Possibly 90th birthday celebration of George Washington Hurt, at Fisty, Knott County.

Page 8 -- Lowell Centers portrayed Daniel Boone at Union College during the fall of 1950.

Page 9 -- Employees of the L&N, referred to as old-timers, Corbin, Whitley County.

Page 19 -- Old-time Baptist preachers who traveled in the Perry and Letcher County area.

Page 27-- Mrs. Mack Jones and her four children, Arjay, Bell County.

Page 30 -- Information wanted on Crase family members.

Page 31-- Magoffin County Courthouse, Salyersville.

Page 58 -- Charles R. Mize (Clay City and Winchester Bus line) in 1922, also his son Russell Mize.

Page 61 -- Headquarter Company, 149th Infantry, (Camp Knox) Fort Knox, Campbell County, Kentucky.

Page 62 -- Lillie Copher and other family members, 1942, Olympia, Bath County.

Page 63 -- Vinson Family, 1896.

Page 64-- Jess Porter family, Leslie County, 1950s.

Page 66 -- Hall family having a picnic in Jackson, Breathitt County, 1971.

Page 68 -- Ellen Ersula Townsend Mulvehill (seeking info).

John Alfred Hawkins and Marinda Ramey Hawkins, Pike County.

Page 69-- Herbert and Ella Gillespie Nickell and children, 1902 Grassy Creek, Daysboro, Morgan County.

Page 70 -- Essrum Nethery and his son, Joe Beker Nethery, 1910, Indian Creek, Clinton County.

Page 72-- 1952 Lincoln County Memorial High School basketball team.

James Clinton Basham and Louella Mitchell Basham, Breckinridge County.

Page 73 -- Bob and Janie Mullins Allen taken at their home on Crooked Creek, Rockcastle County.

Page 74 -- Willis Terry and twins, Wallace and Dallas Terry, 1940.

Page 77 -- Taulby and Danville Tackett, Long Fork of Virgie, Pike County.

Page 78 -- Old photo found among Elsie Ford's pictures. Possibly Breckinridge County.

Page 79 -- Dan and Jeanne Stanberry

Barn at Robinson Substation in Breathitt County.

Page 80 -- Oldham family, 1957 at Shawnee Park in the west end of Louisville.

Page 81-- Ruby McCoy and friends, Letcher County, ca. 1953.

Page 82 -- Corinth Christian Church, 1934 in Madison County.

Page 83-- Lillie May Noe, wife of Carl Napier, and two unidentified ladies, Harlan County, ca. 1920.

Page 84 -- David Caudill with his parents, Albert and Lula Caudill; and sister, Judy, after graduation in May 1956 at Buckhorn High School, Perry County.

Page 85 -- Shelby McGinnis, 1968 in Wayne County, running a mill and plowing potatoes.

Page 86 -- Josephine Dunn Rudd (1875-1960).

Page 87 -- Cooks Branch School in Montgomery County. Della Bellamy Centers and son, John.

Page 88 -- George Hollan, leading Ol' Bob, possibly in the Powell/Wolfe County area.

Mary Adeline Proffitt Barnett, Devil's Hollow, Franklin County.

Page 89 -- Grandchildren of Grover and Minnie Stephens, Floyd County, Kentucky.

Page 90 -- Children of Harvey Edward Carter, 1957, Louisville, Jefferson County.

Page 91-- 1963-1964 class of Blackey Grade School, Letcher County.

Page 92 -- Children of Cassius and Ina Coomer Coffee, ca. 1920 in Adair County.

Page 93 -- Madison County photos: Railroad workers. Group on Poosey Ridge Road.

Page 94 -- Group at Big Laurel School, Johnson County, ca. 1917.

Page 95 -- Family formerly of Lewis County, ca. 1960.

Page 96 -- Elkins family members, Breathitt County, ca. 1905.

Page 97 -- Nancy and Ike Reynolds, ca. 1914, Willow Shouls, Lee County.

Page 98-- John Clifton Brown, Bowling Green, Warren County.

Page 99 -- Armoco employees in Ashland, 1936.

Page 102 -- After the L&N Railroad strike in 1922.

Page 103 -- Breathitt County members of the University of Kentucky Quicksand Area Homemakers gathered in the fall of 1971 at the Robinson Forest Camp (Noble) for food lessons taught by Gladys Landrum.

Page 104 -- Old Craft School, Menifee County.

Page 105 -- Robert L. Sears and Sarah Bolton Sears, Corbin, Laurel County.

Page 106 -- Bible School attendees at Spout Springs, Adair County.

Page 107 -- Stuart Robinson High School (1943-1944) junior class.

Page 108-- Wiley Jackson family at the farm on Four Mile at Turkey Creek, Breathitt County, 1961.

Page 110 -- 1948 birthday party at Malone, Morgan County.

Other Features

Page 21 -- Mystery Photo: Morgan County group. Photo found in the belongings of Minnie Collinsworth.

Page 24 -- Sketches of Kentucky's Great Outdoors: Kentucky Crappie

Page 37 -- Kentucky Roadside History Markers - They Tell The Story Of Our State: Free-Town Church, Gamaliel, Monroe County; Home of Arthur Krock, Glasgow, Barren County.

Page 60 -- Thoughts To Ponder From The Kentucky Philosopher

Page 67 -- Word Puzzle: Horses & Jockeys

Page 71 -- Songs Kentuckians Were Singing 100 Years Ago: Dear Evelina, Sweet Evelina

Page 51 Kentucky Genealogy Websites: Each month The Kentucky Explorer presents websites related to genealogy in Kentucky for our growing number of readers who use computers and the Internet.

Confederate POWs Buried In Crown Hill Cemetery In Indianapolis, Indiana; Grayson County Historical Society; Society Hill: Kentucky Societies; Guide To Kentucky Genealogy.

If you have a website you would like listed, please write The Kentucky Explorer, P. O. Box 227, Jackson, KY 41339; or e-mail: [email protected]

Page 53-54 Kentucky's 1879 State Gazetteer: A Look At Kentucky Towns

Custer, Breckinridge County; Lovelaceville, Ballard County; McHenry, Ohio County; Mayfield, Graves County.

PHOTOS: Auburn, Logan County; Fulton, Fulton County; Butler, Pendleton County.

Page 56-57 Readers Share Postcard Views ca. 1910


The Protestant Children's Home, Covington, Kenton County; Courthouse and Jefferson Statue, Louisville, Jefferson County; Thirteenth Street, Ashland, Boyd County; The State Monument, Franklin County; Middlesboro, Bell County; The Cabbage Patch, Louisville, Jefferson County.

Page 68-72 Kentucky Genealogy Help Line: Queries are published free up to 50 words as space is available.

Hall, Townsend-Hanna, Ferguson-Himes-Gilman, Shelton, Finley-Davidson, Lewis, Lewis-Pennington, White-Jefferson, Nantz-Wilson, Miller-Watkins, Crawford, Hughey-Case-Stotts, Newton, Willoughby-Hermann, Vanover-Bates-Vance, Tincher, Alvey, Hensley-Bryant.

Page 73-77 Family Reunions & Other Special Announcements

Readers Are Invited To Send In Announcements For This Column. It's Free.

Page 79-96 I Remember By Our Readers -- From All Over Kentucky

Meeting In The Barn

The Big Sister

Corinth Christian Church

The Life Of Lillie Noe

The Pie And Box Supper

The Grist Mill

The Elkhorn Graveyard

Cooks Branch School

Remembering Billy Sunday

A Possum Hunt

Little Granny Stacy

Farm Life

A Baby Sister

Chunk Comb Honey


Page 96-97 Strictly Kentucky Genealogy Various materials to aid in Family History Research.

Adkins, Lewis.

Page 100-101 Readers Share Old Photos

Edith Duff and Alice Turner, Barwick, Breathitt County.

Viola Sartin Maynard, the granddaughter of William (Devil Ance) Hatfield, of Martin County.

Buffalo Elementary School, Meally, Johnson County, Kentucky, in the 1930s.

Walter M. Arrowood and Velma Banks Arrowood.

Page 105-107 July-August Events To Enjoy

Page 108-111 Classified Ads Ten Cents Per Word - Minimum $3.00 Per Issue -- Payment Must Accompany All Advertising Copy - Sorry, We Cannot Accept Classified Ads Over The Phone

Page 112 Points of Interest Location Map/Order Form

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