Wreck in Magoffin County in 1933

George Frank Patrick, age 16, killed

On Saturday, September 9, 1933, five young men left Royalton, Magoffin County, Kentucky, in a Ford Model-T coupe, going to Burning Fork, Kentucky. On their return trip in front of Dean Joseph's house, which is on Kentucky Highway 7, about halfway between Salyersville and Royalton, they met a Chrysler four-door sedan, in which Horace Grant Skaggs and his wife of Royalton were traveling towards Salyersville. There was a collision of the two automobiles. George Frank Patrick was riding on the driver's side running board of the Ford coupe. Henry Patrick was the driver with Charles Fred Patrick and Coachie Joseph inside the one-seated coupe. Riding on the right side running board of the Ford was Riggs Bailey. All parties involved survived their injuries, except George Frank Patrick, age 16, who was killed and was found underneath the Chrysler, where it ran into a ditch on down the road. George Frank Patrick was the son of Fred Patrick and Teda Carpenter Patrick of Royalton. Funeral services for George Frank Patrick were held on September 12, 1933, by the Patrick & Prater Funeral Home with clergymen, L. F. Caudill, J. J. Prater, and John Patton. James E. Allen, 447 Kentucky Street, Salyersville, KY 41465-9463 shares this photo and information with our readers.