April 2004


COMPLETE CONTENTS of the April 2004

Kentucky Explorer!

Page 2 -- Along A Kentucky Highway - Highway U. S. 68 - Blue Star Memorial Highway

Page 3 -- Editor's Message/Table of Contents

Page 4-9, 98-99, 102-105 -- Letters to the Editor

Cassius Marcellus Clay Book For Sale

Attended Maple Grove School

Postcards Depicting Old West

Balm Of Gilead Tree/Salve

Need Info. On Allock, Kentucky

Magazines Available

Would Like To Hear From POWs

Searching For Info. On Willis Augustus Lee

Seeds Wanted

Needs Copy Of General Orders

Seeds Wanted

Recipe Response Overwhelming

Wants Info. On Jonathan Swift's Silver Mines

Seeds Wanted

What's Bean Stringing?

Stuart Robinson High School Reunion

Searching For Childhood Friend

Van Lear Historical Society Having Membership Drive

Request For Birthday Greetings

Seeds Wanted

Would Like Info.

Wants Info. On Kidder, Kentucky

Kentucky Explorer Back Issues Wanted

Seeds Wanted

How Did Whitfield Get Its Name?

Searching For Family Members

Wants Info. On Arnett School In Clay County

Correction - Deming High School Photo


Page 10 -11 -- Tragic Accidents Claimed Many Lives In East Kentucky Coal Mines

PHOTOS: Wright Family Photos

Page 12-13 -- Ice, Snow "Balled Up" Highways For WKSC Basketball Rooters

PHOTOS: L & N Snowball Special/Hundreds of Strandees/Western Kentucky Cheerleader and Hilltopper Fans.

Page 14 -- Bits Of Kentucky History

PHOTO: Mystery Photo possibly taken in Grayson County.

Page 15 -- Richard Shuck Hanged In Owen County For Murder Of His Father-In-Law

PHOTO: Map of Owen County

Page 16-17 -- Great Statesman, Henry Clay, Revealed Religious Character

PHOTO: Henry Clay, great orator and statesman.

Page 18-20 -- City Of Middlesboro Is Built Within A Meteorite Crater

PHOTOS: Satellite image.

Page 21-25 -- Missionaries Made An Impact On Two Wolfe County Girls' Lives

PHOTOS: Kelly Centers Family/Byrd Family/School Desk at Belknap

Page 27-31 -- Siege Of Bryan's Station - Indians Lay Concealed As Pioneer Women Approached The Spring

PHOTOS: Bryan's Station/Old Sketch Women Going To The Well

Page 32-37 - Joe Lovett Operated General Store In Williamsburg For 55 Years

PHOTOS: Troy Lovett, grandson of Joe Lovett, and Dan Stanberry.

Page 38-41 - Old Town Danville: The Cradle Of Kentucky Prestige

PHOTO: Main Street, ca. 1900/Sunny acres of wheat/Centre College

Page 42-43 -- Times Were Difficult During The Early Days Of Jenkins

PHOTOS: Citizens of Jenkins, ca. 1913/Coal miners boarding transport bus.

Page 44-45 -- From Stone To Wire, Kentucky Has Seen Many Types Of Fences

PHOTOS: Split-rail fence/Old stone fence.

Page 46-49 -- A History Of The Salyers Family Of Lawrence County, Kentucky

PHOTOS: Caudills/Elizabeth Caudill Salyers and her son/Pearlie Salyers Blevins and children.

Page 50-51 -- Natural Bridge Was Drawing Card For The Tourist Trade In Late 1800s

PHOTOS: Scenic spot in the Natural Bridge area.

Page 52 -- Civil War Solder, Pvt. Nathaniel Cook, Honored With Military Reenactment

PHOTOS: Family members receive Confederate flags.

Page 58-61 -- A Taste Of Kentucky Bluegrass Through The Eyes Of A Traveler

PHOTOS: General view of valley farmland/Grazing horses.

Page 62 -- Short Gleanings From Collins's 1878 Historical Sketches Of Kentucky: Little Known & Mostly Forgotten -- From One Of Kentucky's Most Noted History Books.

Kentucky Counties featured: Russell, Rockcastle, Morgan, Greenup, Bath, Calloway

Page 64 -- My Favorite Place To Visit In Dear Old Kentucky:

This is a new column that we hope will be a success. In 300 words or less, you are invited to share with our readers your favorite place to visit in Kentucky. Please give reasons, directions, and photos (if possible). Let us hear from you soon. Thanks!

Visits to Renfro Valley and Cow Creek Mountain are featured in the April 2004 issue.

Page 66 -- Old-Time Recipes To Enjoy Conducted by Darlene Howard

Fried Tomatoes, Chicken With Vegetables, Apples In Maple Syrup, Corn Roast, White Sauce, Shaker Raised Doughnuts.

Readers' Photos

Page 4-- Odessa Mae Newman, Nancy Elizabeth Combee, and Jerry Jones Newman. (Ballard County)

Page 5 -- Alcorn family. (Estill County)

Page 6 - Carter Elementary School, Carter County.

Page 7 -- The Willie And Anna (Elliott) Meade Family. (Floyd County)

Page 8 -- Students at Blackey Elementary School. (Letcher County)

Page 9 -- Little Red School, Woodbine, Whitley County.

Page 17 -- Susan Hall and Martha Ann Breeding. (Knott County)

Page 19-- Mr. and Mrs. John Whitehead and their children. (Bell County).

Page 32 -- Flood streets of Williamsburg, Whitley County, ca. 1940s.

Page 35-- Ervin Moffett, Trigg County, displays his 11 lb. 8 oz. Kentucky record, taken from Lake Cumberland in 1963.

Page 36 -- Mystery photo of couple of Williamsburg, Whitley County.

Page 65 -- Caroline Huff Sizemore and nephew, Perry County.

Page 65 -- Fern Havens Oldfield, Morgan County, ca. 1927.

Page 68 -- Anderson Family, 1924, Knox Fork, Knox County.

Page 69 -- Walter Edmiston and Julia Ann Anderson Edmiston, ca. 1900/Luria J. Watson

Page 71-- George Collins and Emily Couch Collins/Madison "Matt" Rogers and Robert Lee "Bob" Rogers, Laurel County, 1927.

Page 72 -- Oscar Sherman Brown and Ruth Games Brown, Casey County, 1919.

Page 73 -- Sullivan Corbett "Jack" Branham and Alma Elizabeth Eskridge Branam, McRoberts, Letcher County.

Page 74-- Mary Katherine Wright, possibly taken in Whitley County before 1940.

Page 75 -- Holman and Eunice Stamper Peyton, Wolfe County natives, 1942.

Page 76-- Alexander Jackson Taulbee, Wolfe County.

Page 77 -- Clay Spivey of Spivey's General Store, Jackson County.

Page 78 -- Miss Seargant's Sixth Grade Class at Charles D. Jacob School in Louisville.

Page 79-- Joseph and Maggie Dobkins Barnett Family of Somerset, Pulaski County.

Page 80 -- Dam #45 Breckenridge County/Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Black, Addison, 1941.

Page 81 -- George Wireman, 1928, Frankfort/Ellis Family, 1935.

Page 82 -- John and Frances Hampton and children, 1930s, Letcher County.

Page 83 -- Brainard children, 1923, Carter County.

Page 84 -- Beech Fork School, church, and teacher's home, Leslie County.

Page 85 -- Friends at Hitchens High School, Carter County, 1943/Joseph Parson and John Elijah "Boss" Parson, Madison County, ca. 1903.

Page 86 -- William Curtis Wooton in Spanish-American War uniform.

Page 87 -- Rodney Lee and wife, Marguerite of Louisville.

Page 88 -- Hugh and Lucy Hall John/Mary Lou Rogers Carr with daughters

Page 89 -- Patsy J. Lewis Tanner, Montgomery County./Mattie Willoughby King with daughter.

Page 90-- Norton Branch School, Carter County, 1918.

Page 91 -- 1950 Hardburly High (Perry County) School Basketball Team and cheerleaders.

Page 92-- Bobbie Ann Hughes' fourth birthday party, Prestonsburg, Floyd County.

Page 93 -- Michael and Freda Akers, and Draxel Tackett, Pike County.

Page 94 -- Cedar Flat School, Meade County, Kentucky, 1910.

Page 95 -- Mudlick School, Bell County, 1930s.

Page 96 -- Shadrick Wilson (S. W. or Shady) and Louisa Angeline Whitt Crace family, 1923.

Page 97-- Kelly family, Allentown.

Page 98-- Huston Reunion., 1945-48.

Page 99 -- McCarty's Party Crew, 391st Bomb Group during WWII, 1944.

Page 102 -- Old Stuart Robinson High School in Letcher County.

Page 103 -- Memorial Chapel on the campus of Berea College.

Page 104 -- Life Everlasting plant and plum granny seeds.

Page 105 -- Daniel L. Akers family, ca. 1940.

Page 106 -- Horton family members and others, 1935.

Page 107-- Owsley family members, Lackey, Floyd County, 1948.

Page 108 -- Hunter School, Adair County, ca. 1939.

Page 109-- Group at Pin Hollow on Dog Creek, Edmonson County, 1925.

Page 110 -- Milton Gray and Zelma Leger Gray on their wedding day, 10/24/1942.


Other Features

Page 26 -- Kentucky Roadside History Markers - They Tell The Story Of Our State: Bell's Tavern (Barren County). Oldest House in Middlesboro, Bell County.

Page 29 -- Thoughts To Ponder From The Kentucky Philosopher

Page 30 -- Sketches of Kentucky's Great Outdoors: Smallmouth In Kentucky

Page 66 -- Word Puzzle: Wildlife and Refuges In Kentucky

Page 70 -- Songs Kentuckians Were Singing 100 Years Ago: Battle Hymn of the Republic

Page 53-54 Kentucky's 1879 State Gazetteer: A Look At Kentucky Towns

Adairville, Logan County; Ash Camp, Pike County; Bacon Creek, Hart County; Hawesville, Hancock County.

PHOTOS: Robertson Drug Store, Muhlenberg County, ca. 1899; Unidentified photo, possible ca. 1900; Prestonsburg, Floyd County, ca. 1930s.

Page 51 Kentucky Genealogy Websites: Each month The Kentucky Explorer presents websites related to genealogy in Kentucky for our growing number of readers who use computers and the Internet.

Todd County, Kentucky

Wayne County Cemeteries

Mason County - Thomas Tolley Worthington

Southeast Kentucky Branches

If you have a website you would like listed, please e-mail us at: [email protected]

Page 56-57 Readers Share Postcard Views ca. 1910

Ghent, Carroll County.

Lexington, Fayette County

Catlettsburg, Boyd County

Presbyterian and Baptist churches and Nina Webb Inn, Beattyville, Lee County.

Hartford, Ohio County.

Entrance to Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Jefferson County.

Daniel Boone statue in Cherokee Park, Jefferson County.

Page 68-72 Kentucky Genealogy Help Line: Queries are published free up to 50 words as space is available.

Ellison, Parker, Hankins-Morgan-Branch, Rains, Bates-Jones-Kennedy, Short, Ping, Nix, Willoughby, Rue, Ramsey-Himes-Rice, Moler, Hamblin, Edmiston, Vanover-Prewitt, Baker-Sizemore, Watson, Oxford, Collett, Underwood, Taylor-Watkins, Bishop-Jackson-Wall, Noland-Price-Morris, Hunter, Spalding, Collins, Bailey-Short.

Page 74-75 Family Reunions & Other Special Announcements

Readers Are Invited To Send In Announcements For This Column. It's Free.

Page 76-95 I Remember By Our Readers -- From All Over Kentucky

A Hazel Green Couple

Remembering Jimmie Osborne

Uncle Alex

Clay Spivey's General Store

The Town of Addison

Mountain Memories

Beech Fork School

William Wooten

How I Wooed and Won The Best Dancer

Live In The Country

The Potato Hole

Life Of A Kentucky Boy

Granny, The Blushing Bride

Page 96-97 Strictly Kentucky Genealogy Various materials to aid in Family History Research.


Page 100-101 Readers Share Old Photos

Livingston County School System, 1918.

Middleburg or Ellisburg of Casey County, 1915, Walter Davis and Zilla Wells; Woodson Ellis, Jr. and wife, Ada Wells.

Bill Molloy and Alfred Mathis, Central City, Muhlenberg County, 1925.

Mt. Zion School, Adair County, 1908 or 1909.

Page 106-111 Classified Ads Ten Cents Per Word - Minimum $3.00 Per Issue -- Payment Must Accompany All Advertising Copy - Sorry, We Cannot Accept Classified Ads Over The Phone

Page 112 Points of Interest Location Map/Order Form

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