Carter Elementary School, ca. 1957

Walter L. Arms, Sr., 134 Oak Valley Drive, La Vernia, TX 78121, shares this photo of the Carter Elementary School in Carter City, Carter County, Kentucky, ca. 1957. A church has been built where the school once stood. Walter would like to find out how many of his classmates of the third grade class of 1957 are still around, and he would like to get in touch with them. Their names are as follows: Carolyn Sue Adkins, Walter Arms, Margaret Sue Bocook, Conward Butler, Carol Butler, Judy Ann Burton, Harold Burge, James Bronson, Donna Mae Carper, John David Carper, Jo Ann Carter, Pauline Davis, Ronnie Davis, Donald Dickerson, Earl Everman, Walter Felty, Wayne Felty, Loretta Haney, Phillip Haney, Linda Kay Harris, Mary E. Holbrook, Samuel E. Holbrook, Cleatis Horsley, Larry Joe Keaton, Gerald Kiser, Kenneth Kiser, Phillip Guy Kiser, Stephen Lewis, Clyde Lore, Helen Louise Lore, Bessie McCormick, Arthur Ray McGlone, Joseph Edward McGlone, Nancy Newman, Mildred Newman, Loretta Oakley, Raymond Oakley, Edna Ann Richardson, Simon Smith, Donald Stamper, Bobby Sullivan, Jimmy Webb, Loretta Williams, and Larry Williams. Walter says, "I am a Kentuckian and will always be, even though I have lived in Texas for so many years. I left Kentucky when I joined the service at age 17. I have seen many photos in The Explorer of people I knew when I lived in Kentucky. I lived right around the hill from Earl Steward (we called him Bud) and Doc Sizemore. Doc had a brother named Tag, who use to make the most beautiful cedar chests. Doc owned a beautiful Palomino horse, and he visited with my grandfather, Pope. My nickname has always been "Boe." This was the name the people around Hitchens, Carter County, gave me when I lived there."