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COMPLETE CONTENTS of the March 2004

Kentucky Explorer!

Page 2 -- Along A Kentucky Highway - Highway U. S. 68 - Blue Star Memorial Highway

Page 3 -- Editor's Message/Table of Contents

Page 4-9, 98-99, 102-105 -- Letters to the Editor

Audio Tape Aired By WHAS About 1937 Ohio River Flood

Explanation Of Why There Was Seldom A Smile In Old Photographs

Photos Or Information Wanted About Anchor, Kentucky

Nelson H. Trimble House

Enjoyed Photo of Upper Laurel Fork Group

Looking For Cemetery

Friend Dies Suddenly

Looking For 1954 Grads Of M. C. Napier

Red Oak School In Jessamine County

Cemetery Needs Cleaning

Searching For In The Land Of Breathitt

Memory Hill Still Progressing In Morgan County

Searching For Family Member

Needs January 1989 Issue Of The Explorer

Doctor Shares Family History

Former Kentucky Dentist

Regarding Allendar Family

Wants Definition Of "Greasy Bean"

Needs Butterfly Pattern

Looking For WWII Veterans Of Morgan County

Searching For Four Men

Would Like To Know?

Hard-Shelled Cushaw Seeds Wanted

Looking for Info. On Burnside, Kentucky

Seeds Wanted

Words To Songs Wanted



Page 10 -13 -- Madge Carter Fell In Love With Missionary Work In Lee City

PHOTOS: Madge Ellen Carter, Mary Paulo, Mission School Class, Mission Church at Lee City

Page 14-16 -- Militia Dispatched To Restore Peace To Eastern Kentucky Town During The Little-Burnett Feud

PHOTOS: Map, Civil War-era Soldiers.

Page 18-20 -- Kyrock Quarry: The Solid Rock Of Edmonson County

PHOTOS: Kentucky Rock Asphalt Company, Kyrock Commissary

Page 21-22 -- The Irish Played An Important Part In Kentucky's History

PHOTOS: Pioneers With Irish Descent

Page 23-26 -- Paducah Was First In Its Region To Lay Rails For Streetcar System

PHOTO: Paducah's Downtown Business District, Wallace Park, Remains of Paducah Trolley System

Page 27-31 -- Col. Richard M. Johnson Led Attack At Battle Of The Thames

PHOTOS: Col. Richard M. Johnson, Tecumseh

Page 32-34 -- Group Captured At Swiggett's Bluff In Marion County In 1862

PHOTOS: William S. Taylor

Page 35-36 -- Mysterious Dreams Warned Of Approaching Deaths

Page 37-39 - Benjamin Logan Rests At Family Cemetery On Bullskin Creek

PHOTOS: Grave Marker, Old Sketch

Page 40-43 - Siege Of Bryan's Station: Pioneer Fathers Prepared For Bitter Fight Against A Wild Army

PHOTO: Old Sketch

Page 44-45 -- The Sheltowee Trace: 268 Beautiful And Exciting Miles

PHOTOS: Footbridge, Sheltowee Trace Trail Marker, View Of Sheltowee Trace

Page 46 -- Female Helplessness: A Thing Of The Past

Page 47-48 -- Lone Jack School Was Erected Over 100 Years Ago In Bell County

PHOTOS: 1939-40 Second Grade Class Of Lone Jack School

Page 49-50 -- Fixer Community Of Lee County Now A Ghost Town Legend/Bits Of Kentucky History

Page 58-61 -- Justice Family Holds Carter Caves Close To Their Hearts

PHOTOS: John Fielding Lewis, II; J. F. Lews and Company Furniture Store; Cletus Justice; Carter Caves Superintendent

Page 62 -- Short Gleanings From Collins's 1878 Historical Sketches Of Kentucky: Little Known & Mostly Forgotten -- From One Of Kentucky's Most Noted History Books.

Kentucky Counties featured: Madison, Lawrence, Franklin, Hopkins, Gallatin, Ohio, Jefferson, Spencer, and Shelby

Page 64 -- Kentucky Explorer Book Page: Readers are invited to send in their books and other projects (pertaining to Kentucky) to appear on this page.

Books By Terri Robinson, Organizing Genealogy, Family History, Reprint Of The Robertson County Review, Poems to Enjoy, Virginia Adventurers, and The Heritage Council.

Page 66 -- Old-Time Recipes To Enjoy Conducted by Darlene Howard

Scalloped Cabbage, Potted Ham, Strawberry Soup, Indian Trifle, Custard Sauce, Pork Chops and Dressing, Chicken With Vegetables

Readers' Photos

Page 4-- Beldon Boys from Marion/Casey County.

Page 5 -- Old Muhlenberg County Jail.

Page 6 - Unidentified tin-type photo.

Page 7 -- Louisville Eastern Junior High (Jessamine County) Class of 1939.

Page 8 -- Tipton Family Reunion of 1993/Vernon Tipton

Page 9 -- Roy Vance holds unusual hoe.

Page 29 -- Brown Memorial School, Mt.Vernon, late 1800s.

Page 31-- Avawam School at Big Creek, Perry County, 1940s.

Page 33 -- L. B.Knight Motor Company, ca. 1925.

Page 34-- Wedding Day for Henry Alcorn and Louisa Tipton, 1887.

Page 36 -- Mystery photos, possibly from Elliott or Morgan County.

Page 38 -- Mine 30, Kenvir, Harlan County.

Page 42 -- James Edward Harp and Elenor Molloy Harp family, 1895.

Page 43-- Roadside Tavern at Sherman, Grant County.

Page 46 -- Tom and Marsha Shouse McCracken, 50th Anniversary, Rockcastle County.

Page 47-- 1939-40 Second Grade Class of Lone Jack School, Bell County.

Page 50 -- Unique Underpass in Knox County.

Page 62 -- Durbin Family of Grayson County, 1911.

Page 63-- Strong Branch School, Perry County, classes of 1931.

Page 64 -- Railroad Workers near Ravenna, Estill County.

Page 65-- Bronson Family, 1915, possibly Carter County.

Page 66 -- Family members at the funeral of Eli Newton, 1940, Lee County.

Page 70 -- Gray children of Rockcastle County, 1953/Ollie Melton, Clay County.

Page 71-- John Gilbert, Sr. Memorial Highway Marker, Clay County/Angie Payne Phillips and Ruth Payne Dorman, 1919/Tombstone of Anthony Hall, Revolutionary War Soldier, Letcher County.

Page 72 -- James William Mattingly, Civil War photo.

Page 73 -- Wedding Day for John F. Baxter and Nettie Oakley Baxter, 1931/Henry Clay Pendleton and Festus Pennington, 1911/Downing Family members, 1967, Menifee County.

Page 74-- Ernest Conner, 1957.

Page 75-- Horne Allen feeding hogs in Cumberland County, summer of 1940.

Page 76 -- Boyd Mosley, Berea, Madison County, ca. 1905.

Page 77 -- John Wesley Lake Family of Madison County, mid-1930s.

Page 78 -- Holt School, Breckinridge County, ca. 1942.

Page 79 -- Cast of the award-winning state radio play broadcasted over WHAS radio (Louisville).

Page 80 -- Adams Family, ca. 1941, Leslie County.

Page 81 -- Wilson Lakes, Willie Maupin, and Johnny Lakes; Jackson County, ca. 1920.

Page 82-- Wireman Family, ca. 1933/Raymond Creech, 1910, Bath County.

Page 83 -- Five generations, Hall Family, Harlan County.

Page 84-- Wedding Day, John Henry and Susan Frances Gearheart Stringer, 1909, Greenup County.

Page 85 -- Robert Pershing Wadlow (qualified as the tallest person in history at that time), Perry County, 1938.

Page 86 -- Cook Brothers, 1915.

Page 87 -- Mudlick School, Bell County, 1930s.

Page 88 -- Best friends, Combs, Perry County.

Page 89-- Neace family members at the John Bell Turner Cemetery, Breathitt County, 1952.

Page 90-- Dorothy Ratliff Murphy, 1919, Menifee/Morgan County.

Page 91 -- Wilson Family photos, 1952, Leslie County.

Page 92 -- Gosser-Bradshaw family, Russell County, late 1800s or early 1900s photo.

Page 93 -- Bernice Meadows and her uncle, Breathitt County, ca. 1935.

Page 94 -- Hatcher Grade School, Ashland, Boyd County, 1936-37.

Page 95 -- Webb girls of Lee County, 1940.

Page 96 -- William Remy Wheeler.

Page 97-- Brandenburg boys and Robert Handy/Sudie and Tom Blackwell.

Page 98 -- Lindsey Wilson (Adair County) Blue Raiders Basketball Team Of 1946.

Page 99-- Margaret Stotler and Dolly Inman, Barren County.

Page 102 -- Whitesburg High School Clay of 1943 Reunion.

Page 103-- The Luther Wright Family, early 1900s.

Page 104-- 1955-56 Junior High Basketball Team Of Madison Central Junior High School In Richmond, Kentucky.

Page 105 -- Merrimac School, Laurel County, 1938.

Page 106-- Hart Family, Bath County, 1929.

Page 107 -- Kiser and Prince family members, ca. 1925, Letcher County.

Page 108 -- Curt Barnett, Franklin County.

Page 110 -- Morris girls, 1940s, Madison County.

Other Features

Page 17 -- Kentucky Roadside History Markers - They Tell The Story Of Our State: McCall's Spring, Hebron Church

Page 22 -- Thoughts To Ponder From The Kentucky Philosopher

Page 28 -- Sketches of Kentucky's Great Outdoors: Nature Restocks In Kentucky

Page 52 -- Wise And Otherwise

Page 67 -- Word Puzzle: Muhlenberg County Soldiers

Page 72 -- Songs Kentuckians Were Singing 100 Years Ago: The Homeland

Page 53-54 Kentucky's 1879 State Gazetteer: A Look At Kentucky Towns

Allen Springs, Allen County; Bald Rock, Laurel County; Beattyville, Lee County; Columbus, Hickman County; Delaware, Daviess County.

PHOTOS: Paducah Wharf, McCracken County; Maysville, Mason County; Fort Thomas, Campbell County. (All photos in early 1900s.)

Page 51 Kentucky Genealogy Websites: Each month The Kentucky Explorer presents websites related to genealogy in Kentucky for our growing number of readers who use computers and the Internet.


Rockcastle County

Bourbon County Genealogical Society

Fulton County, Kentucky

If you have a website you would like listed, please e-mail us at: [email protected]

Page 56-57 Readers Share Postcard Views ca. 1910

Christian Church, Carlisle, Nicholas County

St. Elizabeth Hospital, Covington, Kenton County

Courthouse, Morehead, Rowan County

Virginia Iron, Coal & Coke Company, Middlesboro, Bell County

Courthouse, Lexington, Fayette County

Post Office, Covington, Kenton County

Page 68-72 Kentucky Genealogy Help Line: Queries are published free up to 50 words as space is available.

Napier-Skaggs, Turner-Day, Pierce, Fannin, King, Miller, Jenkins-Gorham, Shepherd, Collins, Stacy-Campbell, Hopper-Durham-Terrell, Fouch, Claunch, Melton/Milton, Pendleton-Moore-Murphy, James-Sloan, Coomer-Gilbert, Gilbert, Woodcock, Price

Page 74-75 Family Reunions & Other Special Announcements

Readers Are Invited To Send In Announcements For This Column. It's Free.

Page 76-95 I Remember By Our Readers -- From All Over Kentucky

Grandpa Mosley

Childhood Memories

The Lake Family

Breckinridge County's Holt School

A Genuine Mountain Mama

Family Memories From Muhlenberg County

Living In Kentucky

Old Booger

Mother's Travels

My Dad

My Great Adventure

Page 96-97 Strictly Kentucky Genealogy Various materials to aid in Family History Research.



Page 100-101 Readers Share Old Photos

Wordrup's Plant, Letcher County

George Barnett, Breathitt County

Blackey Missionary Baptist Church, Letcher County

Four Generations, Breathitt County

James Caleb Reams and Telitha Camilee Freeman's children, late 1800s, Laurel County.

Alvis Burnett Eliza Reams, Laurel County.

Page 106-111 Classified Ads Ten Cents Per Word - Minimum $3.00 Per Issue -- Payment Must Accompany All Advertising Copy - Sorry, We Cannot Accept Classified Ads Over The Phone

Page 112 Points of Interest Location Map/Order Form

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