Bruington Home, Breckinridge County.

Rev. and Mrs. (Bessie) C. L. Bruington, parents of McAdoo Bruington, were married on Christmas Day in 1899. They lived on Missouri Jane "Pidge" Bruington's (C. L.'s mother) farm at Harned, Breckinridge County, Kentucky, until they bought a 160-acre farm for $1000 from Mary S. Haynes and sons in December 1901. They built a two-story front to the house in 1910, shown above. This photo was taken by Mrs. Mae Roberts. Seated, l-r: Bessie; Marvin; Evelyn; C. L., Jr.; Rev. C. L. Bruington; and Virgil Roberts. All of the children were born at the homeplace, except for Marvin who was born at his Grandma Bruington's in 1900. Rev. C. L. Bruington was born and raised in Breckinridge County, Kentucky, and was well-known as a minister, pastor, and evangelist, both before and after World War I. In fact, he was pastor of the Freedom Cumberland Presbyterian Church and preached the funeral of the first casualty of World War I returned to Breckinridge County. Many unusual things happened back in those days. They did not roll the casket into the church but carried it to the altar and placed it on two wooden stands, which looked like saw-horses. They wanted to take a picture of the corpse, but did not have flash bulbs. So, to get the light of the sun, they carried the casket outside and leaned the top against the wall while the bottom end rested on the ground and took the picture. A family group picture was made in 1929, which was on page 81 in the January 2004 issue of The Kentucky Explorer, in the front yard of Percy Macy's at Harned, Kentucky. Rev. C. L. Bruington died in 1931 while holding a revival in a mission church, Hickory Flats, Overpeck, Ohio. His body was returned by train and unloaded within 300 feet of where this family picture was made. He preached his last sermon on Saturday night November 14, 1931. Bessie Bruington retained ownership of the family farm through the worst of the Depression, selling it in 1938. The farm has now been sold four times since and the Consolidated Breckinridge County School is located right in front of the old home site. The old home still stands as shown in the photo at left. McAdoo Bruington, 1711 Bellevue Avenue, Apt. P-14, Richmond, VA 23227; 804/266-2661, shares these photos with our readers.